Hillary Clinton has always been a large advocate of pro-abortion policies, which she clearly reflected during her presidential campaign.

Now, a national pro-abortion organization is going to name Clinton “Champion of the Century” for her support of pro-abortion policies during her political career.

Planned Parenthood will issue the award to Hillary Clinton in recognition of “her 40 years of service to women and girls in the country.”

Since Planned Parenthood and Clinton had very close political ties during the election process, it comes across more like a political motivation than an actual designated award.

Breitbart News reports:

Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary and election. In turn, Clinton referred to the abortion industry giant as her “Planned Parenthood family” when she gave her first address after clinching her party’s nomination.

During her presidential campaign, Clinton ran on a platform to further fund Planned Parenthood services with taxpayer’s money.

Breitbart News reports:

“I know that for a century Planned Parenthood has worked to make sure that women, men, young people who count on you can lead their best lives healthy, safe and free to follow their dreams,” Clinton said to the organization, vowing, “I will always have your back.”

Clinton also ran on taxpayer funding of abortion on demand with her statement, “Let’s repeal laws like the Hyde Amendment that make it nearly impossible for low-income women, disproportionately women of color” to obtain abortions.

While Clinton’s “Champion of the Century” designation is the front runner of their ceremony, other equally questionable women will be featured.

Breitbart News reports:

Planned Parenthood will also honor Shonda Rhimes, the creator of ABC’s Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder, with the “Champion of Change” award, “for revolutionizing the way women and issues of reproductive health — including safe, legal abortion — are portrayed on television.”

In November of 2015, Rhimes’s Scandal character Olivia Pope underwent an abortion while the Christmas hymn Silent Night played in the background. Following the abortion, Pope returned to the White House, where she sipped wine as the classic Ave Maria played in the background.

Media Research Center called the Scandal episode “an hour-long advertisement for Planned Parenthood.”

The gala is being held in order to present the awards to Rhimes and Clinton, but is also being held as a desperate fundraising event and auction for Planned Parenthood.

Breitbart News reports:

Clinton will receive the award in New York City on May 2 at a “once-in-a-lifetime Gala, 100 Years Strong,” an event that continues the abortion business’s centennial celebration.

“We’re proud to celebrate Planned Parenthood’s 100 years of strength and resilience at this moment in our history, as well as the tremendous outpouring of support for Planned Parenthood and our patients,” Richards said in a statement. “This Gala is a powerful reminder that Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years and will continue to be here for the people who rely on us, no matter what.”

The organization says it expects more than 1,000 supporters for the gala event that will also feature an art auction.

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