For the last year, liberals have been telling themselves Donald Trump is toxic to the Hispanic voters and a sure-fire loser in the general election.

But the presumptive Republican nominee has built his campaign on defying the expectations of the political class.

And the latest evidence is a shocking new poll of Trump’s support with Latino voters.

In 2012, Mitt Romney won 27% of the Hispanic vote, and establishment Republicans spent the next three years telling anyone who would listen, that granting amnesty to illegal aliens was the key to making inroads with the Latino base.

Pundits, Democrats and some establishment Republicans claimed Trump’s strong stand to secure the Southern border would repel Hispanic voters.

But a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey Poll showed Trump winning 32% of the Hispanic vote, a full 5-point increase from Romney’s 2012 vote share.

A video put together by a Hispanic supporter of Donald Trump gives some insight as to why Trump could over-perform with Latino voters.

Trump also tweeted the support from a Hispanic sheriff who is backing Trump because of his stances to secure our border.

Trump’s “America First” message appeals to a cross-section of Americans and this poll undercuts the liberal myth that Hispanic voters only care about amnesty.

When liberals saw the poll showing Trump with over 30% of the Hispanic vote, they lost their minds.

Two liberals even penned an article questioning the polls’ findings.

In a New York Times op-ed entitled “Stop the Polling Insanity”, political science professor Alan Abramowitz and the American Enterprise Institute’s, Norman Ornstein, wrote:

“If the candidate were a conventional Republican like Mitt Romney or George W. Bush, that wouldn’t raise eyebrows,” Abramowitz and Ornstein wrote, citing the 28-percent SurveyMonkey finding. “But most other surveys have shown Mr. Trump eking out 10 to 12 percent among Latino voters.”

Disbelief was a common reaction among Democrats.

Politico reports that one of Hillary’s operatives specializing in Latino polling tried to throw cold water on the survey:

“Some of these polls only have 100 or 80 Latinos in them, so the margin of error is plus-or-minus 10 points,” said Matt Barreto, who is working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, focusing on surveying Latinos, and is the co-founder of the polling firm Latino Decisions. “The sample size is always the first thing we look at. No one would rightly write a story about survey of 100 people.”

However, SurveyMonkey defended their work, pointing out their online polling model allows for larger sample sizes.

Politico reports:

“Jon Cohen, the chief research officer at SurveyMonkey, emphasized that one of the main advantages of their polling is a gigantic sample size that allows them to carve the electorate into small slices. This week’s wave of data includes interviews with 1,381 Hispanics.

 One of the reasons why Trump is earning a larger share of the vote in SurveyMonkey’s polls than in other surveys, Cohen said, is because SurveyMonkey doesn’t offer an “undecided” option. Respondents can skip the question entirely – but if they choose to answer, they are limited to picking Trump and Clinton.

 Cohen, who conducted more traditional telephone polling for the Washington Post and Pew Research Center before joining SurveyMonkey, said SurveyMonkey only asks questions in English, though they plan to add Spanish-language interviewing “soon.” But, he said, “My own experience from the phone world is it never made that much difference.”

Will Trump surprise the experts in November and win a greater share of the Hispanic vote than predicted?

Tell us your thoughts?