If you were to believe the popular media on everything Kavanaugh related then you’d be led to believe that Judge Kavanaugh was in fact a gang rapist, a binge drinker, a pugilist and an all around hooligan.

And that’s because the 24/7 news cycle was hell bent on making the available viewership believe that was the case.

Even though it likely wasn’t.

Fortunately the media wasn’t all that successful at getting people to believe them.

In fact, most people were inclined to believe the media was going out of their way to smear Kavanaugh.

In a poll asking about the media’s coverage over Kavanaugh more than 45% of the people asked said they felt the media was unfair towards Kavanugh.

They felt everything the media said regarding the nominee was biased.

This was compared to 35% of those surveyed saying the coverage was neutral.

The poll, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company, also found that 20 percent of voters who responded considered the media’s coverage biased in Kavanaugh’s favor, with 35 percent saying it was neutral.

“I think that it tells you this is an incredibly divisive topic,” Democratic pollster Molly Murphy, a partner at ALG Research, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”

“People don’t trust the media very much,” she added. “I think that they tend to think that there is bias.”

If anything it shows that Trump’s insistence the media is fake news is either convincing the general public the media really is filled with fake news…

Or, he’s just struck a chord with those who’ve always believed it.

Truth be told, the media was anything but objective when it came to Kavanaugh.

All it took was a baseless allegation, a series of uncorroborated to get the media in a frenzy. With little more than that they painted the man black, and no one at any of the major networks gave him the benefit of the doubt.

It’s fortunate that the general public saw through this.

On Saturday Kavanaugh was confirmed in a 50-48 vote. This obviously had Democrats in a bind as they had launched a full scale attack on the Justice.