CNN is driving the anti-Trump bandwagon.

The network pushes unverified stories and fake news in an attempt to destroy Trump politically.

But one GOP Senator finally had enough and shut down a CNN host.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio appeared on State of the Union hosted by Jake Tapper.

Tapper quizzed Rubio on whether he thought Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director Jim Comey.

The CNN host used anti-Trump news stories to bolster his case.

Rubio was not having any of it.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Tapper, host of CNN’s “State of the Union,” asked the Republican senator from Florida if Trump may have obstructed justice.

Rubio was not impressed by Tapper’s evidence: a pile of news reports from anonymous or indirect sources.

“We don’t know yet,” Rubio said of the obstruction charges. “Number one, I haven’t seen those notes. Number two we have yet to take the testimony from Director Comey.”

“You say, ‘someone who knows him says,’ well we’re gonna have him in two weeks in front of the Intelligence Committee,” Rubio said. “He’ll be asked that question. So in two weeks we’ll know a lot more.”

He then slammed the press for trying to “litigate” against Trump with their reporting.

“The best way to [get the facts out] is not to litigate it in the press, but to do our work and put the report in a way that’s credible.”

Claiming Trump obstructed justice is another fake news talking point whipped up by the media and Democrats.

As Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz points out, a President can fire the FBI Director for any reason he likes.

And the FBI investigation rolled on despite Comey’s firing.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein even appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to lead the probe.

Trump’s impeachment is a fever dream pushed by a media that cannot come to grips with the fact Trump won the election.

So they concocted a fake news narrative around Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians.

That led to Comey politicizing the investigation.

Both sides of the aisle had enough with Comey’s grandstanding and Trump thought the bipartisan outrage at Comey would lead to a calm response to the firing.

But instead, Democrats worked with the media to invent a crime they claim Trump committed and that he should be impeached for.