The globalists were hoping 2016 was just a blip on the radar.

2017 would be when things returned to normal.

But their world was turned upside down by comments from two world leaders.

After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU), many assumed it may not actually happen.

International elites believed they could offer enough concessions to entice Britain to stay in the single market.

But those hopes were dashed after a speech delivered by UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

May’s speech took a hard line and announced Britain would leave the European Union with no strings attached.

The New York Times reports:

“Mrs. May emphasized Britain’s determination to regain control of migration from the European Union and rejected the supremacy of the European Court of Justice, even at the risk of losing unfettered access to the single market and its nearly 500 million consumers.

“Let me be clear,” she said, adding that any agreement would be sent to both houses of Parliament for approval, “What I am proposing cannot mean remaining in the single market.”

The long-awaited speech was a shift for Mrs. May, who had dropped heavy hints about her thinking but had refused to outline publicly how Britain will leave the bloc after voters supported a withdrawal in a June referendum…

…“We seek a new and equal partnership — between an independent, self-governing, global Britain and our friends and allies in the E.U.,” Mrs. May was to say, according to excerpts from her speech released by her office.

“Not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership of the European Union, or anything that leaves us half in, half out,” she said.”

Her speech also announced Britain would demand control of the flow of immigration from the European Union and break from the European Court of Justice.

Globalists were stunned.

But that wasn’t the only gut punch they suffered.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, President-elect Donald Trump blasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for opening Germany’s borders to over one million Middle Eastern migrants.

He also questioned NATO for not being oriented toward fighting Islamic terrorism and praised the Brexit vote, declaring that many countries will likely also follow the United Kingdom out of the EU.

Newscorp Australia Network reports:

“In an explosive interview with German newspaper Bild and The Times of London, Trump unleashed a volley of verbal attacks on Europe, hailing Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and saying more countries were going to quit the bloc.

“I said a long time ago — that NATO had problems. Number one it was obsolete, because it was, you know, designed many, many years ago,” he said.

“Number two — the countries aren’t paying what they’re supposed to pay. I took such heat, when I said NATO was obsolete. It’s obsolete because it wasn’t taking care of terror.”

Trump also praised Britain’s impending exit from the European Union as being “so smart.”

“I think Brexit is going to end up being a great thing,” he said.”

In response, Angela Merkel – who is facing a re-election fight in 2017 – declared Europe’s fate was in its own hands.

Trump’s America First nationalism – and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe – threatens the globalists desire to erode national identity and move toward an international order.

It is no coincidence Trump won the Presidency the same year the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

However, globalists were still holding out hope that the inertia of the status quo would reign over Trump’s nationalism and temper Britain’s desire to leave the EU.

Those notions were quickly dashed.