Donald Trump and the rest of his administration are doing everything in their power to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

But now the President is fighting the invisible enemy on a new front.

And George Soros is linked to a coronavirus attack. This is why you’ll be seeing red.

Priorities USA is the Democrats’ “Death Star” super PAC.

In 2012, Priorities USA burst onto the scene and nuked Republican nominee Mitt Romney with vicious and false TV ads.

One TV ad essentially claimed Mitt Romney murdered a man’s wife by personally giving her cancer.

Democrats are worried that polls showing the American people supporting the President’s response to the coronavirus will lead to Donald Trump’s re-election in November.

Polls not only show that the public approves of how Donald Trump is managing the crisis, but that his overall approval numbers are also rising to the highest levels of his presidency.

Priorities USA responded to that anger with an announced TV ad campaign falsely attacking President Trump for a supposedly sluggish federal government response to the coronavirus pandemic.

And George Soros is helping to bankroll this smear campaign by pumping three million dollars into Priorities USA’s coffers.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Democratic Party’s leading super PAC will begin hitting President Donald Trump over coronavirus in four battleground states, using millions from liberal billionaire George Soros.

Priorities USA Action—the Democratic Party’s largest super PAC—will spend $6 million this week on advertisements criticizing Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The ads will run in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The PAC received $3 million in contributions from Soros’s Democracy PAC on Feb. 21, new filings show. Soros’s seven-figure donation accounts for 77 percent of the $3.9 million the PAC reported hauling in last month.

A brand new ABC/Washington Post poll found Joe Biden and President Trump in a statistical tie.

But the survey found that 55 percent of Donald Trump supporters were enthusiastic about voting for the President compared to just 28 percent of Biden backers.

Democrats understand that the President’s base is far more motivated than Biden’s voters to turn out.

Top party officials also can read the polls that show the American people approve of the President’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

That’s why George Soros and other big money Democrat donors sprang into action to launch attack ads trying to chip away at the President’s support.

Many Americans find this unseemly.

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Democrats such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had called containing the coronavirus a “war.”

President Trump considers himself a wartime President.

This epidemic – while dangerous and nerve-racking – will peak and eventually pass.

There will be time for politics.

But many Americans believe that time is not while the President is leading – what even his opponents in the other party deem – a “wartime effort.”

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