A group of leaders met in Milan recently to discuss the future of the European Union and the states included in it.

With an increase in immigration, a weakening economy, and the threat of terrorist attacks, the European Union is slowly losing both credibility and usefulness.

European states are at a breaking point, in which they want the European Union to dissolve and gain back their own sovereignty.

Breitbart News reports:

A growing malaise has been sweeping Europe as citizens grow progressively more distrustful of the European Union and desirous of recovering the sovereignty of their own nations and of taking back responsibility for their own destinies.

The Milan conference, titled “Sovereignty vs. Globalism: Shifting Geopolitical Realities in Europe and the USA,” analyzed this phenomenon by comparing the populist-nationalist fervor in Europe with the movements that produced the Trump revolution in the United States and Brexit in the United Kingdom. The meeting was cosponsored by the Milan-based political-cultural journal Logos together with Breitbart News.

The most prominent issues that could decide the fate of the European Union includes the amount of migrants the EU requires countries to accept.

Countries are simply unwilling to risk the safety of their citizens, as well as waste their resources on asylum-seekers.

Breitbart News reports:

The migration question came up again as Prof. Giuseppe Valditaro, the academic director of Logos, explored Europe’s contemporary migrant crisis with similar events in the ancient Roman Empire that eventually led to its collapse.

“Many speak of the need for ‘generosity’ in welcoming huge numbers of economic migrants,” Valditaro noted, “but few speak of the generosity needed toward our children and future generations as we hand on to them a society that scarcely resembles the one we received in heritage,” a comment that elicited enthusiastic applause from the audience that filled the hall.

The power the European Union holds over member states was also discussed.

Historically, the European Union has been taking more power from member states than it should be allowed to.

Members of the states are concerned that their very democracy is being threatened.

Breitbart News reports:

Italy’s former finance minister, Senator Giulio Tremonti, spoke of the anger experienced by those who thought that they had finally figured out how to create the “new man” and the “new society,” based on a unitary thought allowing no opposition, only to find their project thwarted by the very democratic system they claimed to be serving.

Tremonti, the author of numerous books including his recently published Mundus Furiosus, offered a historical analysis of how the European Union has gradually separated itself from an active partnership with the individual member states, arrogating more and more decision-making power to itself.

Brussels, Tremonti argued, has become less and less democratic with the passage of years, fearful of subjecting its authority to the will of the people it governs.

“The Europe of Brussels has little by little taken on the absurd form of an upside-down pyramid,” Tremonti contended, “built with para-constitutional measures of an excess of power and a deficit of democracy.”

Ultimately, the fate of the European Union is uncertain.

But taking power away from the people, in any situation, can prove to be irreconcilable.

The conference suggested that the only way to make Europe strong again is to restore the greatness of the individual states and keep their cultures alive.

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