Police officer at front door of home interrogating a woman or wiIt’s every parent’s worst nightmare — a knock on the door from a law enforcement officer who’s sent to deliver bad news to the parent about their child.

No parent wants to be on the receiving end of that news, and woman named Joanie was no different.

So you can imagine her surprise and panic when she heard a knock at her door in her Colorado home. On her front door stood a man who identified himself as a police officer who claimed to have information about her son.

While most people would have been paralyzed with the fear at just the thought of something happening to their child, and invite the “officer” in to learn more details, Joanie knew something was off…

Her intuition kicked in, and it just may have saved her life.

Instead of inviting the “police officer” into her home, her survival instinct went into full gear. She trusted her gut.

Not only did she refuse to let the “police officer” into her home, she went a step further and chained her door shut and asked to see his badge.

CBS4 Reports on Joanie’s story:

“So he showed me a badge through the crack of my door and I read it but I told him, ‘You know, I need to get my glasses because I can’t read it’ and that was just a way for me to shut the door and call Wheat Ridge (police),” Joanie told CBS4.

Thankfully, the man left.

Joanie was quick and thought fast. Instead of provoking the stranger at her door she took swift action and phoned the police.

That phone call to REAL law enforcement most likely saved her life.

But Joanie’s not alone – CBS4 reported eight police impersonation cases near Joanie’s home. In fact, Joanie told CBS4:

If I hadn’t watched the news and heard about this, I would not have called Wheat Ridge (police) and let him in.”

Joanie admitted she may have been dead if she let the man into her home.

IJ Review covered the story and listed tips from real law enforcement officers to alert folks who may encounter a similar situation as she had.

The officers strongly advised others to follow Joanie’s lead if ever faced with a stranger at their door such as refusing to let the person into the home, immediately phoning the police, and not depending solely on badges and IDS, as they may be counterfeit.