France was just the victim of yet another terrorist attack.

In the past year alone, terrorists have taken hundreds of Parisian lives — even when the city was on high alert for attacks.

But damage was recently still dealt in Paris, and the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the attack.

One police officer lost his life as a gunman opened fire in the tourist-filled Champs Elysees in Central Park, Paris.

One gunman was shot dead by police officers as well.

 Breitbart News reports:

While French police scramble to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack, it seems clear that an assailant already known to the security services for extremism opened fire on officers sitting in a police car standing in traffic with a “Kalashnikov” style weapon.

Before the attack, the gunman was already under investigation for terrorist activity, but the French police let him go due to lack of evidence.

Breitbart News continues:

A so-called ‘suspected Islamist’ went on a rampage in Paris Thursday evening, the third terror attack in France in 2017 so far. Local media has identified 39-year-old Karim Cheurfi as the man who was shot dead by police after a running attack against officers with a Kalashnikov-style rifle.

French newspaper Le Monde reports that whilst the identity has not yet been officially confirmed, the individual named is a native of the riot-hit migrant suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis and was considered by the security services as an “excessively dangerous” individual.

The 39-year-old gunman was known by intelligence services and recently detained by the police. But due to a lack of evidence, anti-terror prosecutors “let him go.”

The Islamic State was quick to claim credit for the attack after it was initiated.

Breitbart News also reports that, “The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Paris attack through its propaganda news agency Amaq. The Islamic State said the attack had been perpetrated by a Belgian.”

Of much importance is the impact the attack will have on the French election soon.

With the city on high alert once more, political campaigning is coming to a halt, and the candidates themselves are laying low.

Breitbart News reports:

With just three days until France goes to the polls to select their new president, it was somewhat inevitable another terror attack at this late stage would influence events surrounding the vote. With just one full day of campaigning left, candidates including Marine Le Pen and Francois Fillion are cancelling their remaining events.

The Front National’s Marine Le Pen, who just this week said that under a Le Pen presidency France would be free of terror attacks, took to Twitter after the attack to express her dismay at events.

She wrote, “Feeling and solidarity for our security forces, again targeted.”

Terrorist attacks in Europe are becoming increasingly more common, and have everything to do with their loosely-regulated immigration policies.

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