From the moment a Muslim terrorist murdered 49 Americans and wounded 53 others at an Orlando nightclub, the Obama administration has struggled to cover up the role Islam played in the attack.

This time it went beyond Obama refusing to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”.

The Obama administration tried to rewrite the history of the attack – but then got caught red-handed in maybe their biggest lie ever.

Controversy erupted when the Obama administration announced they were releasing transcripts of the 9-1-1 call – but with the terrorist’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS and speaking in Arabic censored out.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andre Napolitano blasted the Obama administration’s decision to alter the transcript.

However, Napolitano reported even the unedited transcripts released by the administration are still painting an inaccurate picture of events. reports:

“On “Varney & Co.” this morning, Judge Napolitano explained that by removing gunman Omar Mateen’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS, the DOJ was “trying to rewrite history.”

“They were trying to sanitize this, so as to give us, the American people, a different impression from what actually happened,” Judge Napolitano said.

He added that not only did they redact words like “ISIS” and “Allah” from the transcripts, they summarized events improperly.

“Yesterday, they told us in the summary that no shots were fired between the initial encounter between the killer and two police that were there and the breach [three] hours and 12 minutes later,” Judge Napolitano said. “From that, we reported that the killings occurred at the time of the breach.”

He pointed out that contradicts previous reports of the timeline of the shootings, not to mention multiple witness accounts.”

But even with their maneuver to erase the shooter’s connection to Islam from history, the administration continued to mislead the public.

In their summary, the government claimed no shots were fired until the police breached the club at five in the morning.

This stands in clear contradiction to eye witness accounts who said they were bleeding from gunshot wounds hours before.

Judge Napolitano believes this was all done to “sanitize” events.

From the moment this tragedy occurred, Obama and every Democrat sought to cast it as a hate crime which was only possible because of easy access to firearms.

They have ignored the terrorists’ connection to ISIS and the Islamic faith.

Admitting that the killer was an Islamic radical would interfere with their push to restrict Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

Will the Obama administration ever come clean and present the American people with the true account of the Orlando terrorist attack?

That is a question many are asking.