The fake news media is working to convince the American people that the election is over and Donald Trump stands no chance at victory.

But they may have another thing coming.

And Fox News revealed the one thing Trump needs to do to win re-election.

Donald Trump recently sat for an hour-long interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

Wallace later analyzed the interview with fellow host Bret Baier.

During the breakdown of the interview, Wallace expressed his belief that polls showed Joe Biden leading President Trump because the public did not believe the President had a handle on the coronavirus.

“I think that on the biggest issue that’s out there, the coronavirus, that he doesn’t at this point seem to have a handle on the best way to handle it both in terms of policy and in terms of politics,” Wallace stated.

The President’s so-called “health experts” like Dr. Fauci and Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfield did Trump no favors by constantly undermining him with apocalyptic predictions that the media breathlessly report but also later never come true.

“He is sitting there saying, well, the only reason we have more cases is because we have more testing. All the indications are that yes, testing has increased, but the spread of cases, the positivity rate has increased much more and he seems to be at loggerheads with some of his own top public health officials like Dr. Fauci, like Dr. Redfield, the head of the CDC,” Wallace added.

But Wallace did say that while fighting with his so-called “health experts” was not a winning strategy for the President, the President could turn around the polls by showing he was in command of the pandemic and there was a plan to bring it to an end.

“I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy in terms of dealing with the coronavirus and at least if you look at the polls,” Wallace told Baier.  “And one of the internal polls that we have shows that the public by 17 points trusts Biden more than the president in dealing with the coronavirus. It seems to me he’s got to find a way to answer and to deal with that and to reassure people he is taking the virus seriously and has a plan for it.”

There are still over 100 days until the General Election.

And the President followed the course of action suggested by Wallace by bringing back the coronavirus task force press briefings.

For two months, the President ceded the message on the outbreak to the fake news media that ran wild with panic porn and Dr. Fauci’s doom and gloom.

If the President wants to turn around his poll numbers, he must show the public that his administration has a plan to lessen the outbreak until the fall when new therapeutics are available which will bridge America to the end of the year when the administration is ready to begin to distribute a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine to the American people.

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