Fox News Host Laura IngrahamDemocrats and their allies in the media see Fox News as the key to turning the tide in the impeachment witch hunt.

Liberals believe if they can pressure Fox News to promote a pro-impeachment narrative that GOP voters will abandon President Trump.

And now this Fox News host may get canceled because of this insane reason.

Left-wing activists routinely target Fox News prime time hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham with sponsor boycotts to deprive their programs of advertising revenue to force Fox News to fire them.

Many Trump supporters are worried Laura Ingraham is in danger of another pressure campaign to take her off the air.

Ingraham is one of the President’s staunchest defenders in the face of the impeachment witch hunt and that refocused left-wing critics on her program.

David Pressman – the lawyer for alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s Deep State handler Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman – fired off a letter to Fox News demanding the network take action against Ingraham and guest John Yoo for Yoo’s claim of espionage after a report surfaced that the Ukrainian government secretly reached out to Vindman to figure out how to deal with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

“LTC Vindman and his family have been forced to examine options, including potentially moving onto a military base, in order to ensure their physical security in the face of threats rooted in the falsehood that Fox News originated,” Pressman claimed.

Yoo penned an op-ed in USA Today to set the record straight in the face of a manufactured scandal by the fake and corrupt news media.

“I thought the Ukrainian contacts sounded like an espionage operation by the Ukrainians. They did not just call the U.S. ambassador, State Department officials or their allies in Capitol Hill. They called a top official on the National Security Council, which is responsible not for the day-to-day conduct of diplomacy but the development of strategy, the coordination of foreign policy between the State and Defense Departments, and the approval of intelligence and covert action operations,” Yoo wrote.

This op-ed did not assuage Vindman’s lawyers who addressed the piece in their letter.

“Mr. Yoo’s argument that he did not intend to accuse LTC of Vindman of ‘espionage’ — that he was accusing the nation of Ukraine instead — is as legally irrelevant as it is factually incredible.”

The Democrats presented Vindman as one of their star witnesses.

But the arrogant, delusional and shifty Vindman proved to be a disastrous witness.

Vindman lied in his opening statement claiming to have advised the President and needed to correct the record.

And Vindman – who was born in Ukraine and speaks fluent Ukrainian – confessed a top Ukrainian official offered him the position of Ukrainian Defense Minister on three occasions.

These bombshell revelations led many critics to wonder whose interests Vindman was looking out for when he recruited Ciaramella into his scheme to sabotage President Trump.

Vindman’s testimony made it abundantly clear Vindman was the primary source for Ciaramella’s fake whistleblower complaint that kicked off the impeachment witch hunt.

The letter from Vindman’s lawyers is the latest escalation in the Democrats’ attempted coup by trying to silence anyone that questions the motivations of the cabal of Deep State saboteurs that concocted this phony Ukraine scandal.

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