Donald TrumpMore and more Trump supporters are tuning out Fox News.

While they were the only fair network at one point, they are now jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

And you’ll never watch Fox News again after the latest horrible thing they said about Trump.

The mainstream media has been cheering from the rooftops today following testimony from EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland in front of Adam Schiff’s impeachment court.

Sondland alleges that allegations of a quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine’s president are true and that a number of Trump allies, including Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani were involved.

Trump has already responded to his claims using Sondland’s own words, stating that his testimony “means it’s all over” for Schiff’s dreams of impeachment.

“I want nothing. That’s what I want from Ukraine,” Trump quoted Sondland in a statement to the press. “I want no quid pro quo, tell Zelensky to do the right thing.”

Sondland was referring to a September meeting with Trump, where he admits that Trump said directly that there is no quid pro quo.

Despite this, Fox News’ Chris Wallace took to the airwaves to paint the testimony as devastating for Trump, stating that Sondland “took out the bus and ran it over” Trump and his allies.

Wallace said, “I think what Gordon Sondland was trying to do here is protect himself more than he is to protect anybody else. To a certain degree took out the bus and ran it over President Trump, Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney. He implicates all of them.”

This is the sort of commentary one would expect on a network like CNN.

Wallace is siding with anti-Trump Democrats in what is essentially a coup against President Trump and his government.

That’s why they aren’t just targeting Trump, but his entire cabinet.

They want every trace of the Trump presidency gone so they can stack the government with far-left Democrats who will reverse everything Trump was able to accomplish for the American people.

And it isn’t the first time in recent days that Fox News has parroted talking points from far-left Democrats.

Bret Baier also took a jab at Trump following Sondland’s testimony.

He says it is “very damaging to some of the arguments the GOP has been making.”

And he’s correct if he was using the carefully selected parts of his testimony, instead of looking at the big picture.

Baier also cites the fact that Trump referred to Sondland as “a really good man and a great American.”

But people do change, and Sondland seems to be peddling the exact talking points that Schiff wants him to.

At one point, Trump praised Fox News as his go-to news station, but they sure changed.

Besides a few notable exceptions, like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Fox News is far from the fair and balanced network it once was.

It is now stacked with anti-Trump anchors, with the only few sensible voices likely only remaining on the air due to them being the most popular on the entire network.

Do you think Trump supporters should stop watching Fox News?

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