The Democrat machine is close to installing Joe Biden as a puppet president with the far-left pulling his strings.

But tightening polls have forced him out of his bunker and he’s had to actually campaign.

Now Fox News asked Joe Biden one question that sent him into a meltdown.

Joe Biden saw a surge in the polls after the coronavirus spread and the killing of George Floyd shocked the nation.

However, Biden’s lead has all but evaporated after embarrassing gaffes during softball interviews, pandemic lockdown fatigue, and surging left-wing violence that has been ignored by the Democrats.

With the race narrowing, Biden delivered a speech and afterward was asked a question about the coronavirus that didn’t go so well for him.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked:

“You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done. If you knew that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?”

Biden then broke out into a five-minute stream of consciousness that didn’t answer the question:

Biden likes to pretend he was way out in front in the coronavirus, but that’s a lie, as the question by Doocy highlighted.

Biden said Donald Trump needed to take the virus more seriously, but virtually all of his recommendations were already enacted by the Trump administration.

For example, Biden called for coronavirus tests to be free, but nine days earlier, Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Biden said coronavirus tests should be available nationwide, but testing had already been available in all 50 states almost two weeks before he said that.

Biden also asked for cooperation between the federal government and the states, but even several Democrat governors praised Trump for his response to the pandemic, saying he gave them everything they needed.

Biden couldn’t handle one moderately challenging question, and he folded.

It’s only going to get worse if he’s forced to actually travel around, talk to people, and give off-the-cuff answers on the fly.

That’s when Biden is at his absolute worst.

There’s already talk that he won’t debate Trump.

After Biden’s response to Doocy’s question, there’s no way they’ll let him get on a debate stage with Trump if they can help it.

Election night is two months away, and Biden has plenty more gaffes in him.

The Democrats’ turtle strategy is now coming back to bite them.