This could be the harshest exit interview ever.

Speaking with The Daily Caller, retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, absolutely firebombed President Barack Obama, accusing the president of placing Democrat campaign themes over national security.

Flynn was the Obama administration’s Defense Intelligence Agency director from 2012 to his 2014 retirement.

The Daily Caller

According to the candid Flynn, President Obama — who called ISIS a “JV team” — is downplaying the Islamic threat and overstating our readiness because of an allegiance to his ideology. The energetic general dismisses the tone-deaf Democrat or media elite’s focus on gun control or Islamaphobia after the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

Flynn specifically called out Obama for not only releasing terrorists detained at Guatanamo Bay Naval Base, but swapping dangerous terrorists for an accused Army deserter.

Asked to connect the dots on releasing GITMO prisoners, Bowe Bergdahl and others, Flynn says, “Obama has made incredibly poor decisions that have made us less safe.”

As for the continuation of announced releases by the Obama administration of GITMO prisoners, which is under attack from Republicans like this, Flynn says in this video “we should be capturing, not releasing, more GITMO prisoners.” After release, Flynn says, these detainees are returning to the battlefield, picking up networks and providing a command and control capacity that works against the United States’ interests.

Flynn, having served in Afghanistan when Bowe Bergdahl left camp and in a position to know about the reassignments needed to find Bergdahl, says we “certainly shouldn’t be trading them [GITMO prisoners] for those like Bowe Bergdahl.”

According to Flynn, Obama’s national security team is more concerned with appeasing Obama than protecting Americans.

While Obama has claimed “we’re on track” with fighting ISIS, Flynn says here, “we’re not on track.”

“His strategy is not working,” as he decries senior government officials who out of fear or self-interest, refuse to tell the president the facts.

Flynn directly took aim at Obama during an appearance on Fox News.

“I think it’s about time the coach figured out he has a national security team,” he told Martha MacCallum, referencing Obama’s much-maligned boast that ISIS was “the JV team.”

ISIS is “not a problem that’s gonna go away with some speeches,” Flynn thundered.