As the South Carolibiblena floods poured on, many folks lost everything they owned. Precious items destroyed. Sentimental items gone. Prized possessions ruined. And others even lost all they had.

So when the floodwaters crept into Cynthia Price’s home, she prepared for the worst.

Cynthia and her husband left behind all their possessions, and fled for safety. Since they had to evacuate quickly, all they were able to take with them was a quick change of clothes, and medicine for Cynthia’s husband.

There was no time to grab anything else.

Just moments after they left, their home was filled with more than five feet of water.

Cynthia told WACH most of her furniture was “overturned and completely wet and saturated.”

However, when Cynthia and her husband returned to their home, two items remain untouched – a check offering written out to her local church, and her husband’s Bible.

According to WACH Cynthia said:

The table that those items were on apparently went up with the water and came down because that was dry.”

What are the odds that five feet of water filled their home, overturning furniture and soaking the entire place, except for one table which had their church offering and Holy Bible?

How did this happen? Was it a strange coincidence?  The fortune of good luck? Or the promise of divine intervention?

Cynthia and her husband took it as a sign from God that although they had lost everything they owned, it was all going to be okay.

Instead of cursing God for “taking everything.” Cynthia choose to praise Him in the storm.

“God has been so precious to us, and He is walking with us through this, and we know that every day we are facing is not going to be easy, but we are clinging to our faith and our God,” Cynthia told WACH.

It takes a woman of faith to be able to give glory to God when everything is taken away.

While it will take months to rebuild what they lost and repair their home, their faith in God remains solid.