Melania Trump has stayed in the background of her husband’s presidency.

She’s remained in New York with their son Barron while he finishes school.

But she turned heads on the President’s foreign trip when she revealed a secret.

Many of Melania Trump’s beliefs have been shrouded in mystery.

She’s preferred to support her husband and raise their son rather than be an out-front political figure like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama.

But she gave the world a peek behind the curtain when she visited the Vatican along with President Trump.

When she met with Pope Francis, she asked him to bless her rosary.

Her spokeswoman confirmed she was the first Catholic to live in the White House since John and Jackie Kennedy.

Breitbart reported:

“After Melania Trump met with Pope Francis in the Vatican Wednesday, her spokeswoman confirmed that the First Lady is indeed a Roman Catholic, the first to occupy her post since Jackie Kennedy.

The last time the United States had a Catholic as First Lady was during the presidency of John F. Kennedy, whose wife Jackie Kennedy—like him—was a Roman Catholic. When Melania moves into the White House together with their son Barron this summer, she will become the first Catholic occupant of the White House since the Kennedy era.

On meeting the Pope Wednesday, Melania asked him to bless her rosary and later visited the Bambin Gesù (Baby Jesus) pediatric hospital, where she met with young patients and their families, prayed in a chapel and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of the Virgin Mary.”

Melania had given hints to her true beliefs before.

She kicked off a December campaign rally by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Breitbart also reported:

“Later that day, the First Lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed to that Melania is a practicing Catholic.

Having grown up in Slovenia, then part of the Communist and officially atheist Soviet bloc, it is unclear when Melania was baptized a Catholic. President Trump is a life-long Presbyterian, and he and Melania were married in a Palm Beach Florida Episcopal church.

Melania’s father was a nominal member of the Communist Party in order to be able to obtain employment.

In February, Melania kicked off a presidential rally in Melbourne, Florida, by reciting the Lord’s Prayer, beginning with the typical Catholic invocation “Let us pray.”

The first lady later tweeted about the development with the hashtags “#Blessings” and “#Faith.” In another tweet, she sent “blessings to all” after her audience with the pontiff, which she described as an “honor” she will never forget.”

Melania Trump has conducted herself with dignity and grace.

After eight years of Michelle Obama trying to micromanage children’s lunch menus and making controversial statements on race, millions of Americans are thrilled to have a First Lady they can once again be proud of.