Liberals kick women out of Women’s March against intolerance for having different view on when life begins

The planned “Women’s March on Washington”, organized by feminist groups to oppose President-Elect Donald Trump’s supposed intolerance of women, has hit a snag.

It turns out the feminist organizers are intolerant of women.

Leaders of the “Women’s March on Washington” have now purged the event of those feminists who believe human life begins at conception, telling them that they and their views are worth less than those of the pro-abortion men who are still working with the supposed all female event.

Ironically, the women who were kicked out could hardly be described as conservative or pro-Trump.

As Slate’s Ruth Graham reports:

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa applied for her organization, New Wave Feminists, to become a formal partner of the march in early January…

…Herndon-De La Rosa, who lives in the Dallas area, has long been outspoken in her opposition to Donald Trump. “Donald Trump is the guy who asks to buy you a drink at the bar and when you tell him you’re not interested, he calls you as a c–t and says he didn’t want to do it anyway,” she told me in August.

The Women’s March had accepted her application to join.

Until they kicked her out a few days ago.

The Atlantic magazine, fascinated by what appeared to be a diverse array of women coming together to oppose intolerance, wrote a feature story that included De La Rosa and the New Wave Feminists who advertise themselves as “Badass. Pro-life. Feminists.”

“Perhaps the Women’s March on Washington is a sign that feminism is changing,” they wrote, describing it as, “a first gathering of a truly ‘intersectional’ movement which makes room for women with diverse convictions, including a moral opposition to abortion.”

But when feminists found out Herndon-De La Rosa was pro-life, they went Ike Turner on her.

“Horrified that the @womensmarch has partnered w/an anti-choice org. Plse reconsider – inclusivity is not about bolstering those who harm us,” wrote feminist columnist Jessica Valenti on Twitter.

“Nope, you cannot be anti-choice and feminist. Forcing birth on unwilling women is a misogynist act,” Salon’s Amanda Marcotte raged.

So, like an abusive husband, the Women’s March kicked out De La Rosa.

“The anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington. We regret the error,” they announced.

The incident highlights just how hate-filled, angry and radicalized the left has become.

For one, women are more likely than men to identify as “pro-life.”

As Life Site News reports:

A Quinnipiac poll found that 60 percent of women supported the twenty-week ban, while an additional 8 percent stated that abortion should never be legal. That represents a full 68 percent of women who would be supportive of the twenty-week ban. Among men, only 50 percent supported the twenty-week ban, and only 6 percent stated that abortion should never be legal. That represents a 12-point gender gap on this issue, with women being much more likely to support abortion restrictions. The poll is hardly an outlier, since a Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 71 percent of women favored at least a 20-week ban on abortion, while only 63 percent of men did.

Not only is the “Women’s March on Washington” intolerant, they’re also trying to impose male opinions on women.

Maybe they should step aside and let Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa lead instead.