Federal workers have lived the charmed life under Barack Obama.

His plans to expand government into nearly every aspect of American’s lives allowed them to flourish.

But Donald Trump has a different plan. And federal workers are already terrified about what it means for them.

Some government bureaucrats are worried about Trump’s cabinet appointments.

His conservative nominees have taken positions in the past that would indicated they would like to eliminate the departments they are prepared to head.

That is causing some government workers to look for new jobs.

The Washington Post reports:

“Federal workers have good reason to be worried.

Because this isn’t the usual churn of administrations or change in ideologies that happens while the rest of the government employees — forest service folks in Oregon, levee engineers in Louisiana, astrophysicists in Maryland — keep working because their jobs are apolitical.

Trump is picking people to head government agencies they want to dismantle.

When he was governor of Texas and running for president in 2012, television dance star Rick Perry famously forgot that the Energy Department was one bureaucracy he’d like to eliminate. Now he’s going to head it.

Billionaire Betsy DeVos has been leading the move to privatize public education in Michigan. Now Trump wants her to head the Education Department.”

In addition, House Republicans passed a package of rules that included allowing Congress to slash the pay of any government worker down to one dollar.

Republicans argue this is a cost saving measure and would work in tandem with President-elect Trump’s proposal to cut the federal workforce through attrition from a hiring freeze.

The rule allows for an employee’s salary to be cut to one dollar through an amendment approved by a majority vote in both houses of Congress.

The Hill reports:

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told reporters this week that the Holman Rule gives Congress a chance to change how government works, something voters asked for when they voted for Trump.

“This is a big rule change inside there that allows people to get at places they hadn’t before,” he told reporters. 

Government unions are furious.

The head of the National Treasury Employees Union claims the move would intimidate government bureaucrats.

The Washington Post report:

“Democrats and federal employee unions say the provision, which one called the “Armageddon Rule,” could prove alarming to the federal workforce because it comes in combination with President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of the Washington bureaucracy, his call for a freeze on government hiring and his nomination of Cabinet secretaries who in some cases seem to be at odds with the mission of the agencies they would lead.

“This is part of a very chilling theme that federal workers are seeing right now,” said Maureen Gilman, legislative director for the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents 150,000 federal employees.”

Some critics see it as good news that government workers are feeling a bit of fear about the Trump administration and rules allowing Congress to target spending.

Conservatives have been continually disappointed by politicians who campaign on shrinking government, but abandon their principles as soon as they take office.

The early signs from the Trump administration indicate there may not be much in the way of buyer’s remorse for Republican voters.