Major publication claims fetal pain and heartbeats are faked by ultrasound, which is a military conspiracy

Liberal magazine The Atlantic sparked outrage Tuesday with what could be the most shamelessly phony article ever written about abortion.

In a blistering attack on medical technology, Fringe liberal writer Moira Weigel claimed fetal pain and heartbeats are hoaxes faked by ultrasound machines, which were invented as a military conspiracy against women.

If the media are willing to lie this shamelessly, how should Christians and pro-lifers respond?

It’s no secret that popular support for abortion has plunged since the invention of ultrasound machines, which allow mothers to actually see their formed child, hear his or her heartbeat, and watch their movements.

Which has liberals outraged, and when liberals get outraged they want to censor things.

In a bizarre screed titled, “How Ultrasound Became Political”, Weigel claims ultrasound machines are rigged to fake fetal heartbeats.

“At six weeks, the “heartbeat” is not audible; it is visible, a flickering that takes place between 120 and 160 times per minute on a black-and-white playback screen,” Weigel writes, placing “heartbeat” in quotes to make it appear as if it’s a matter of medical opinion.

Had Weigel any clue about science, she would know anything that vibrates matter, creates sound, regardless of how inaudible to the human ear it may be.

The sounds picked up by the machines are obviously amplified so doctors can diagnose any problems.

It’s the same reason they use stethoscopes.

Weigel then implies fetal heartbeats are also fake, because they can be replicated in a lab.

“As cardiac cells develop, they begin to send electrical pulses that cause their neighbors to contract. Scientists can observe the same effect if they culture cells in a petri dish,” Weigel writes.

Yes.  That’s how heartbeats work.

The same is true of all human muscle tissue, including Weigel’s own heart.

In attempting to debunk fetal heartbeats, she proved they’re the same biological process as adult heartbeats.

She goes on to attack the famous pro-life film “The Silent Scream”, accusing the directors of speeding up the film in a scene in which the unborn child reacts to pain.

Weigel uses this claim to dispute the scientific fact that unborn children feel pain.

But medical science wasn’t the only target of Weigel’s uninformed rage.

She also accused the military of being behind the pro-life movement.

Seeing a conspiracy in the submarine sonar technology behind ultrasound, Weigel writes:

…After [World War II], army trained scientists and army funded laboratories demobilized the technology, turning away from the ocean, toward women’s bodies. In the early 1960s, doctors in Europe, Japan, and in the United States simultaneously developed and promoted the widespread use of ultrasound in clinical settings. The First International Conference on Diagnostic Ultrasound took place in Pittsburgh in 1965. That same year, fetal images began to spread across popular culture.

In January, Life magazine published a feature entitled “A Sonar ‘Look’ at an Unborn Baby.” It centered on a photograph of a woman, lying beneath the “water-sac” ultrasound scanning device, and a photograph of the screen showing her reading. The caption tells readers that the black-and-white solar flare appearing on the screen is in fact the fetal skull. “The astonishing medical machine resting on this pregnant woman’s abdomen in a Philadelphia hospital is ‘looking’ at her unborn child in precisely the same way a Navy surface ship homes in on enemy submarines,” the text reads.

Clearly, a military conspiracy.

The Trump presidency has sent liberals into a rage, a rage so intense they now openly speak of their duty to lie if its to advance their liberal political narrative.

So how can Christians and pro-lifers fight back?

With science and the truth.

Ultrasound technology is saving millions of lives as abortion rates plummet.

The best way to fight back against liberalism, and its now open-embrace of misinformation and lying, is to give pregnant women greater access to medical science.

You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse, either.

Volunteer or donate to a crisis pregnancy center.

Many of them either offer ultrasound, or are raising the funds to do so.

The abortion movement is losing because science is winning.

Its lies will be defeated with the truth.