In the midst of several other left-biased media scandals recently, a “bombshell” report was just dropped by a news outlet that left officials in the White House scrambling to find answers.

An article published by The Daily Beast this week made a claim that officials at the White House have denied as completely false.

And regardless of the “reputable” sources The Daily Beast claims to have provided, both the White House and the Pentagon are calling the story into question.

The Beast reported the President was seeking advice from defense officials to help the Trump administration come up with better strategies than Obama to defeat ISIS in order to paint the former administration’s tactics as ineffective.

A senior White House official fervently denied the report, claiming “none of this ever happened”.

Pentagon Spokesperson, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, denied the claims as well.

The Daily Caller reported:

“I’m not familiar with any such effort,” Pentagon Spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis similarly told The DCNF.  The senior White House official further corroborated Davis’ denial, referencing discussions with National Security Council officials.

But still, left-leaning reporters are standing by the story despite the numerous officials claiming otherwise.

Many members of the press circulated The Daily Beast’s story on social media in attempts to gain evidence in their favor.

As a result, a narrative was created on Twitter promoting the idea that President Trump will stick with Obama’s tactics for dealing with ISIS.

Despite outrageous claims from the left, Trump has made great strides against the Muslim terrorist group, and has taken a more aggressive approach to dealing with ISIS than his predecessor, who opted to act defensively against terrorist sects rather than face the problem head on.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Trump administration has by and large made no major departure from the Obama administration in its strategy against ISIS. The U.S. continues to rely on the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces to fight the terrorist group in Syria and sustains its partnership with the Iraqi Security Forces in operations in Mosul.

The Trump administration has, however, taken a more hands-off approach to the broader strategy. This method includes lifting troop level caps in the fight against ISIS and giving further deference to U.S. commanders on the ground.

A spokesperson from The Daily Beast has not yet responded to requests for comments.

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