Trump has done something major…and this time, both conservatives and liberals will be happy about it.

That’s because Russian President Vladimir Putin is thanking President Trump for U.S. intelligence that ultimately led to preventing numerous terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg.

This thanks came from Putin during their second phone call in just four days.

According to the Kremlin, the CIA has been giving Russia important info regarding a sinister plan to blow up Kazan Cathedral, as well as other locations in St. Petersburg.

This valuable information gave Russian law enforcement the authority to arrest numerous could-be ISIS members in raids last week.

Putin is extremely grateful for the United States’ involvement in this matter. The Kremlin says that Russia will continue granting the U.S. the same courtesy, letting our nation know if they hear of similar threats to our country.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House press secretary) has given confirmation of Russia’s account of the call.

Upon hearing this, President Trump has given gratitude toward CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the whole intelligency community on their good work.

According to USA Today:

The White House summary of the call also emphasized agreement that the intelligence cooperation was “an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together.”

Trump has argued that the United States and Russia should work together on issues like terrorism and nuclear non-proliferation, even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether the Trump campaign illegally coordinated with Russian agents during last year’s presidential election.

Using this valuable information, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) made seven arrests on charges for planning terror attacks in St. Petersburg. The FSB found extremist literature, explosives, and automatic weapons upon searching a St. Petersburg apartment.

One of the suspects has already given a confession of working with the Islamic State to make homemade bombs.