The establishment is about to butt heads with Donald Trump.

But the fight won’t be over trade, immigration, or foreign policy.

The battle will be over a core value that conservatives hold dear.

Donald Trump is proposing a sweeping plan to cut government spending.

He’s ordered his team to find ways to cut spending by 10 percent and cut staffing by 20 percent in federal agencies.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Making good on a promise to slash government, President-elect Trump has asked his incoming team to pursue spending and staffing cuts.

Insiders said that the spending reductions in some departments could go as high as 10 percent and staff cuts to 20 percent, numbers that would rock Washington if he follows through.

At least two so-called “landing teams” in Cabinet agencies have relayed the call for cuts as part of their marching orders to shrink the flab in government.

The cuts would target discretionary spending, not mandated programs such as Medicare or Social Security, the sources said.the Washington Examiner

Bottom of Form

The spending reductions are expected to be used to help pay for Trump’s plan to boost the Pentagon’s budget, tax cuts and some pet projects, potentially including the anti-immigration wall on the nation’s southern border.

The teams also are looking at staffing cuts over four years through attrition, a hiring freeze and reorganization.”

Conservatives were thrilled with the proposal.

But establishment Republicans – who support Big Government with every bit of fervor as their Democratic counterparts – are getting ready to fight Trump’s efforts to slash federal spending and shrink the size and scope of government.

The Hill reports:

“One likely target is the Legal Services Corporation, a federal agency providing financial support for civil legal aid to low-income people. Conservatives have long sought its elimination, arguing it has become beholden to liberal causes and noting the Congressional Budget Office has recommended its defunding. Eliminating it would save nearly $400 million next year.

But Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), a senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee, this week warned that it’s not a battle worth fighting.

“I think that would be hard thing to do. Even if you wanted to do that, you couldn’t get it through the Senate,” he said…

…Another proposal embraced by Heritage and the RSC budget plans is the elimination of the essential air service program, a program that subsidizes rural airports serving sparsely populated communities.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said she would pull out all the stops to fight for it.

“What?! What?!” she exclaimed. “I care about it a great deal.

“It would basically shut down rural Alaska,” she added. “If there is discussion about that, we as the Alaska delegation really have to ramp it up and let people know how critical it is. This is not a nice to have, it’s a must have.”

During the campaign, establishment figures used Trump’s short attachment to the Republican Party and conservatism as a reason to oppose him and claim him as a fraud.

But now that Trump is President and beginning to implement a conservative governing agenda, it’s the establishment that has exposed themselves as being frauds.