As Donald Trump reaches his 100-day mark as President, so-called “mainstream” media journalists slam the administration on their alleged lack of accomplishments.

Their goal is to paint the administration as a failure and doom Trump’s political prospects.

But the only people fixated on the 100-day mark are those in the press.

In fact, one new poll shocked the establishment with its results on how the American people view Trump’s 100-day mark.

Voters want to take a broader view of the Trump administration.

A new CBS poll found 69 percent of Americans need more time to evaluate Trump’s time in office.

CBS News reports:

“While most feel 100 days is not enough time to judge the Trump administration, 41 percent approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as he nears that hundred-day mark. It’s a rating that’s historically low but has been fairly steady since he took office, underpinned by support that comes heavily from Republicans.

Ratings of Donald Trump are far more partisan than ratings of his immediate predecessors were at this point in their presidencies: both Presidents Obama and Bush enjoyed higher ratings from the opposing political party at the 100-day mark. Mr. Trump also gets lower ratings then they did among independents.  

Most Americans say 100 days is not enough time to judge President Trump’s administration. And while most independents don’t approve of his job performance now, 69 percent also say they need more time to evaluate it. Sixty-two percent Democrats, by contrast, say they’ve seen enough to make up their minds.”

Trump blasted the 100-day standard as absurd.


He’s achieved clear victories in his first few months in office.

Illegal border crossings are down 67 percent because Trump’s rhetoric and enforcement of immigration law has discouraged illegal aliens from taking the risk of sneaking into America.

Neil Gorsuch was nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Trump has also made record use of the Congressional Review Act to rollback Obama era regulations including gun grabs and job-killing environmental rules.

But the media largely ignores Trump’s success out of their pure hatred for him.

They despise Trump because he is a Republican.

And the media’s goal every time a Republican is in office is to destroy them politically.

However, they also hate Trump on a personal level.

And their blind rage colors their coverage, turning so-called “news” outlets into 24/7 Trump-hating house organs.

But the polls are showing that the American people have tuned the press out.

While the media has made a big to-do about the 100-day mark, Americans believe Trump needs more time in office before they can fairly assess his performance.

And other polls show that despite an unprecedented media smear campaign, Trump voters overwhelmingly back him – and he could even defeat Hillary Clinton in the popular vote if they held a rematch.

There are increasingly two Americas – one where the anti-Trump media concocts their own alternative facts, and the one where real, every-day Americans reside.

And Trump will only continue to benefit from the fact that the American people do not believe the alternate reality the media constructs.