Elizabeth Warren was hiding something from the American people.

It was a secret about the 2016 election.

And she just revealed it.

Many leftists were hoping Elizabeth Warren would be the left-wing alternative to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrat primary.

The radical Democrat base viewed Clinton with suspicion because of her close ties to Wall Street and her pro-war foreign policy.

Bernie Sanders eventually filled the void as the left-wing challenger to Clinton.

But why didn’t Elizabeth Warren run?

She revealed her answer in a new book.

Warren didn’t run because her husband had warned her that the race would be far more difficult than her 2012 Senate bid.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“In her book, Ms. Warren writes that she was surprised by the attention she drew upon joining the Senate in 2013, and began contemplating a White House run in response to enthusiasm from  her supporters.

Her husband ultimately gave his blessing to a 2016 presidential bid, though Ms. Warren writes, “Talking with Bruce and asking the question out loud had settled it. I wanted to stay buckled down and keep doing my job—my Senate job—as completely and as effectively as I could.”

Ms. Warren’s book, in which she reveals for the first time she considered a White House run, is part biography and part commentary on the state of the economy. It argues that inadequate regulation of big banks and corporations has exacerbated income inequality and diminished the middle class.”

Warren’s 2012 Senate bid was marred by the revelation that she lied about being Native American to help her get a teaching job.

Donald Trump would allude to this controversy by tagging her with the nickname “Pocahontas” after she attacked him on the campaign trail.

Experts believe Warren’s book is the first step in her 2020 Presidential campaign.

It details her left-wing philosophy and will thrill Democrat Party base voters.

But would her chances of winning in 2020 be better than they would have in 2016?

Warren is a radical leftist who embraces all of the left’s dogma on identity politics and political correctness.

But Donald Trump won the election because people were sick of the left’s fixation on identity politics.

If Warren runs as the pure version of everything that the left stands for – which alienated so much of Middle America –Trump will easily win re-election.