Dr. Fauci spent two weeks laying low and staying off TV.

The pressure was on Dr. Fauci after his disastrous lockdown strategy tanked the economy and left Americans wondering if the President would fire Fauci.

But Dr. Fauci resurfaced and made this threat that left Americans fearing the worst is yet to come.

Recently, Dr. Fauci appeared before Congress and warned that schools should shutdown in the fall and that the economy should remain on lockdown.

Fauci hyped up the panic surrounding the coronavirus despite cases, deaths and hospitalizations declining across America.

The wreckage left in the wake of Fauci’s disastrous strategy shocked Americans.

Over 38 million Americans were thrown out of work as unemployment expects to spike to 25 percent in June.

Americans are not just feeling economic pain.

Depression as well as drug and alcohol abuse due to lost jobs and destroyed livelihoods led to calls into the suicide hotline in Los Angeles skyrocketing 8,000 percent in the month of April.

To makes matters worse, Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California told a local ABC affiliate that his hospital saw a “year’s worth of suicides” in just the last month.

But rather than apologizing for this failed strategy and begging forgiveness for destroying lives and killing more people than the coronavirus, Dr. Fauci appeared on a webcast with Hollywood starlet Julia Roberts and doubled down on his apocalyptic fearmongering.

Fauci claimed that since lockdowns failed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the only course of action was to continue locking the American people into virtual house arrest.

“The scientific evidence clearly indicates that physical separation has worked, but not completely,” Fauci told Roberts. “If you look at the curves in our country, it isn’t like everything is dramatically going down. I mean, New York got hit very badly. But they’re starting to come down now. Now is not the time to tempt fate and pull back completely.”

When Julia Roberts asked about the upcoming summer and if the public could enjoy vacations, the beach and other traditional summer fun, Dr. Fauci reverted to Doctor Doom mode and threatened to shut the door on summer for the American people.

“People say, ‘do you think we’ll be back to normal this summer?’” Dr. Fauci added. “And I say, ‘you know, I don’t really think so.’ Because it may be a new normal, but it’s not gonna be the way we had it before.”

Many Americans argue Dr. Fauci inflicted more damage upon America than anyone in the nation’s history.

If Dr. Fauci had any sense of shame, honor or patriotism, he would have resigned by now.

His foolish recommendations, junk models and quack medical advice played a leading role in destroying the nation’s economy and hurling America toward a second Great Depression.

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