Donald Trump is frustrated with Dr. Tony Fauci and his poor advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

The President listened to Dr. Fauci’s advice and his poll numbers went down.

And now Dr. Fauci knew the lie he was about to tell was the final nail in his career’s coffin.

Many Trump supporters were happy to find out Dr. Fauci hasn’t briefed the President in two months.

The White House also cut back on Dr. Fauci’s TV appearances – where he routinely engaged in fear mongering and doom and gloom predictions – because Fauci would go out of his way to self-promote and undermine the President.

But Dr. Fauci is still conducting media interviews where he is spreading panic and hysteria about the virus to try and force more shutdowns.

In a webinar with the Stanford School of Medicine, Dr. Fauci outrageously claimed that the United States saw a spike in cases because America did not shut down enough.

“We did not shut down entirely, and that’s the reason why we went up,” Dr. Fauci claimed.

Dr. Fauci then cited – without providing any evidence – that reopening the American economy caused the resurgence in the coronavirus in Sun Belt states.

“We started to come down and then we plateaued at a level that was really quite high – about 20,000 infections a day. Then as we started to reopen, we’re seeing the surges that we’re seeing today as we speak in California, your own state, in Arizona in Texas in Florida and several other states,” Dr. Fauci added.

For good measure, Dr. Fauci threw in that America was nowhere near the end of the pandemic.

“This is a really serious problem. It is truly historic. We haven’t even begun to see the end of it yet. It’s still globally threatening,” Dr. Fauci concluded.

What Dr. Fauci did not mention is that this shutdown strategy utterly failed.

40 million Americans lost their jobs in Dr. Fauci’s economy-killing shutdown scheme.

California was the first state in the nation to go into lockdown in mid-March.

The state implemented every public health measure so-called “experts” like Dr. Fauci recommended.

California is now seeing a resurgence in cases and it cannot be blamed on reopening “too soon” or any other fake news excuse.

The surge in California coronavirus cases lines up with the Black Lives Matter protests where millions of Californians took to the streets and ignored social distancing to gather in large crowds to riot and protest.

Fake news reporters claim Dr. Fauci is some legendary “truth teller.”

But Dr. Fauci is lying by blaming reopening and not implementing stringent enough lockdowns instead of telling the truth, noting that the mass gatherings for Black Lives Matter protests are likely fueling the coronavirus surge in California and other states.

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