Dr. Fauci didn’t make a secret out of his passionate Democrat support in 2016.

And he may be trying to help Trump’s opponents yet again.

Dr. Fauci hoped to inspire panic with these misleading coronavirus numbers.

Most of the coronavirus data at the moment is undoubtedly good.

After weeks of massive protests across the nation, America is still in a downward trend.

That’s not the end of the good news.

AstraZeneca, which is working with the UK government, says that their vaccine provides a year of immunity.

If the human trials continue to go well,they could have a vaccine by October.

Moderna has also developed a vaccine, which if proved successful in trials, would also be ready before fall.

Yet Dr. Fauci just said that he would not attend a Trump rally because of coronavirus.

“We are seeing infections to a greater degree than they had previously seen in certain states, including states in the southwest and in the south,” Fauci said to The Daily Beast. “I don’t like to talk about a second wave right now, because we haven’t gotten out of our first wave.”

There are five states that have had an increase of coronavirus hospitalizations but overall America is on the tail end of the crisis.

“Current hospitalizations of COVID-19 are down from the peak. According to the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project, there were 22,639 current hospitalizations in the United States on Monday among the 42 states that keep and report that data. This is a dramatic decline from April 13, when there were 18,829 hospitalizations in New York State alone.” Breitbart News reported.

New York Times reporter Alex Berenson pointed out that no one in the media stopped to celebrate the fact that America had its lowest number of coronavirus deaths in almost three months.

“Yesterday the United States had the lowest number of #Covid deaths in almost three months. And yet this is the headline on Yahoo. Team Apocalypse truly has no shame.” Berenson shared on Twitter.

The Yahoo headline read, “Record spikes in new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations sweeps parts of U.S.”

Record numbers testing positive is meaningless since we’ve only ever caught a minority of coronavirus cases with testing.

The main thing is deaths and hospitalizations.

America has managed to partly reopen and massively protest without starting a second wave and there is a fair chance there will be a vaccine before a second wave comes in the fall.

Dr. Fauci said that millions of Americans could die from the coronavirus.

While coronavirus still is a public health threat, it is nowhere near what Fauci’s doomsday predictions claimed.

If coronavirus stops being a crisis, the economy is going to bounce back with record-breaking speed which is exactly what Democrats don’t want before the election.

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