Donald Trump is trying to reopen the American economy and save the country from a depression.

But Dr. Fauci stabbed the President in the back with some bad news.

Dr. Fauci blindsided Donald Trump with this rude awakening that could cost Trump the election.

America is seeing a wave of coronavirus infections in the Sun Belt.

California, Arizona, Florida and Texas are all seeing a spike in cases.

Some of this is due to more testing as America is now running over 600,000 tests per day.

But some of it is due to community spread.

Rather than explain to Americans how they can live with coronavirus and take precautions,Dr. Fauci is threatening a second wave of economically ruinous lockdowns.

In an interview with Meg Tirrell of the Milken Institute Summer Series, Dr. Fauci raised the specter of shuttering businesses and ordering Americans back under house arrest out of hysteria over the coronavirus.

“They may have to do that. I think if you immediately say — in other words — this all-or-none phenomenon that just misleads us. If you say you’re going to go back into lockdown, there will be an absolute push back on that you might have to do it. You never take that off the table,” Dr. Fauci stated.

Dr. Fauci then falsely claimed states were reopening irresponsibly and that was what was causing the spike in cases.

“The people who have been pent up in those places, they’re looking at it as an all or none phenomenon, either we’re locked down or let’s storm the bars, go to the beach, no masks. That’s what the problem is. If you’re going to open up, you have to do it in a step-wise prudent fashion. If you go from lockdown to complete caution to the wind, you’re going to get into trouble,” Dr. Fauci added.

Dr. Fauci ignored the fact that millions of Americans protested and rioted in the streets while ignoring social distancing guidelines for mass gatherings.

No one was surprised that Dr. Fauci ignored Black Lives Matter’s role in the surge of coronavirus cases – Dr. Fauci testified before Congress that racism was to blame for the higher coronavirus death rates in the black community – and instead tried to fault the reopening policy that is supported by President Trump for the Sun Belt outbreaks.

In reality, there is no nationwide “second wave.”

Most of the country has the virus under control.

Four states – California, Florida, Texas and Arizona – are seeing their outbreaks grow and are responsible for about half of the 40,000 cases per day America is now recording.

Dr. Fauci sought to undermine the President from day one.

And with the election just months away, Dr. Fauci is setting the stage for another round of unnecessary lockdowns that only serve to kill businesses and throw tens of millions of Americans out of work.

A second lockdown would be an economic calamity that the President could never recover from and would hand Joe Biden the election.

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