Dr. Fauci doesn’t want the public to trust the true scientific data when it comes to masks.

The research is not in his favor.

Dr. Fauci came clean on one mind-blowing secret about mask laws.

The leftist media loves Dr. Fauci because he does a great job of giving them their talking points, even when it is contrary to all available information.

It’s clear from his actions that Dr. Fauci is not just looking at data but trying to make a political point.

He called New York a “shining example” of how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak even though they had more fatalities than any other state and forced nursing homes to take in symptomatic coronavirus patients regardless of whether they could safely handle them.

When it comes to masks, Dr. Fauci blamed young people for the spread of the coronavirus.

“You don’t realize, probably innocently, that you are inadvertently propagating the outbreak. You are becoming part of the problem because, even if you get infected without any symptoms, it is likely that you are going to infect someone else,” Fauci said about young people.

He added that sooner or later, some will die of coronavirus if it continues to spread.

“Sooner or later, a vulnerable person gets infected and gets seriously ill. You should realize that it is your duty and your civic responsibility: You could be hurting someone else. That’s a tough message to get because some young people feel completely invulnerable.”

While Dr. Fauci can blame young people for the outbreak, he himself was photographed without a mask while not social distancing at a baseball game.

If he was as concerned about the coronavirus pandemic as he claims to be, he wouldn’t be going out to a baseball game.

And as the interview went on, he dropped a stunning fact:Researchers don’t actually know how effective masks are at preventing coronavirus infection.

“We don’t know exactly. There have been a number of meta analyses. One published in The Lancet on June 1, 2020 said masks and respirators reduced the risk of infection by anywhere from 78 percent to 85 percent,” Fauci said.

“Your guess is as good as any: 50 percent to 75 percent or 80 percent is probably correct,” he added.

In other words, researchers are mostly just guessing at how effective masks are at stopping the coronavirus.

The New England Journal of Medicine said, “The extent of marginal benefit of universal masking…is debatable.”

They added that in everyday life, the main use of masks may be to remind people to social distance.

Social distancing from strangers at the store, while of doubtful utility, doesn’t have a severe impact on most people’s lives, but keeping communities apart isn’t healthy.

“Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity,” Douglas Nemecek, MD, the Chief MedicalOfficer for Behavioral Health for Cigna found.

The response to the coronavirus in many parts of America is out of proportion to the deadliness of the illness.

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