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One of the major questions heading into Election Day is if the polls are right.

In 2016 the polls were wrong.

And now Donald Trump was forced to admit something about the polls no one could believe.

The fake news is trying to cement the conventional wisdom heading into the final weeks of the presidential campaign that Joe Biden is on the cusp of a historic landslide victory.

So-called “reporters” point to public opinion polls showing Joe Biden up by about 10 points to claim Donald Trump’s goose is cooked.

But on Rush Limbaugh’s show, the President said he was shown private polling data that showed the President well-positioned to win key swing states.

“And we just got great polls out of — you probably heard — out of Arizona. We’re getting them out of Nevada. You know, the real polls, not the fake polls. We’re getting them out of North Carolina, looking really good. I think Pennsylvania’s looking good, Florida’s looking great. It’s all a big, phony deal they have going, Rush. And we’re gonna win this. I think it’s gonna be a bigger win than we had four years ago,” President Trump told Limbaugh.

On the day the President boasted about his internal polling,several public polls in key states showed the President leading Joe Biden in four must-win states.

An Insider Advantage poll showed President Trump leading Biden in Florida 46 percent to 43 percent.

In Arizona, a Trafalgar Group survey found the President holding a 48 to 44 advantage over former Vice President Biden.

Democrats are making a big push to add Texas’s 38 Electoral College votes into their column.

But two new polls out of the Lone Star State show President Trump holding a lead outside the margin of error.

A Rasmussen poll showed President Trump leading Biden 51 to 44 and a Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll resulted in the President with a five-point lead, 50 to 45.

Finally, Georgia is one red state Democrats believe is on the verge of going blue.

But an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed the President narrowly leading Biden 48 to 46 and a WSB-TV/Landmark poll found Donald Trump on top of Joe Biden 49 percent to 47 percent.

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These polls showing President Trump leading Joe Biden are important for down-ballot races and control of Congress.

Georgia, Arizona and Texas are home to four Senate races that could determine which party controls the chamber.

Voters rarely split their tickets anymore.

If Donald Trump wins these states the Republicans will win the Senate races and that will go a long way toward the GOP in the majority.

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