Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released a scathing response blasting Ford’s recent announcement to open up a new manufacturing plant in Mexico — outsourcing even more American jobs — calling the decision an “absolute disgrace”.

Manufacturing companies are increasingly exploiting foreign countries with cheap labor at the expense of middle-class American families, as more and more of America’s manufacturing jobs are ripped away from blue-collar workers.

Instead of investing in opportunities in the U.S. for American citizens, the automotive company announced it will spend a staggering $1.6 BILLION on a new assembly plant in the San Luis Potosi state.

The new Mexico plant will focus on building cars, then shipping those cars across the border, and sell them in the U.S.

Ford’s latest announcement to use cheap labor in third-world countries is a stinging blow to unemployed and underemployed Americans struggling to find meaningful work in a stagnant economy.

The new plant will create thousands of jobs that could have — and should have — been available to middle and lower-class Americans.

Ford already has two assembly plants and one engine plant in Mexico that currently employs thousands of non-U.S. workers.

Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential front-runner, who has campaigned relentlessly on protecting American jobs from outsourcing, penned a furious statement taking aim at Ford’s decision:

“This transaction is an absolute disgrace. Our dishonest politicians and the special interests that control them are laughing in the face of all American citizens.”

“When I am president, we will strongly enforce trade rules against unfair foreign subsidies, and impose countervailing duties to prevent egregious instances of outsourcing.”

In what appeared to be an attempt to save face during the midst of growing public backlash, Ford President Joe Henrich’s told CNBC that the company’s “commitment won’t change [in the U.S.] even as we expand the world.”

However, Ford’s response could do more harm than good, as the company inadvertently seems to imply they will outsource even more American jobs to foreign countries in the years moving forward.