Rush Limbaugh

There are just three weeks remaining until the Presidential Election.

President Trump is realizing something is not right.

Donald Trump told Rush Limbaugh one major change at Fox News worried him.

President Trump appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program for the largest virtual MAGA rally in history.

During the course of the interview, Limbaugh asked the President about Joe Biden initially agreeing to attend the second debate if President Trump tested negative for the coronavirus before demanding a virtual format.

President Trump slammed Biden for being afraid to debate in person because he wanted a format where the moderator could protect him.

The President explained that he had to interrupt Biden so many times during the first debate because Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace covered up for Biden by allowing the Vice President to lie and cutting off the discussion when the President pressed Biden on his dishonesty.

“But I couldn’t do that because he was saying so many false things. He’d say about the soldiers, he’d say about Social Security, which I’ll protect and he won’t protect, by the way. He’s not gonna protect — he doesn’t know what it is. He’ll say about Social Security, he’ll say about — and if I didn’t say ‘wrong,’ you know, et cetera, et cetera. But the one who protected him was Chris Wallace. And, by the way, Fox is a whole different ball game. You know, Fox is a much different thing than it was four years ago,” President Trump began.

President Trump added that he believed Wallace’s biased debate moderation was a result of changes at Fox News where former RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – who now sits on Fox’s board of directors – pushed network executives to break with Trump and move to the left.

“Somebody said what’s the biggest difference? I said the biggest difference is Fox. You take a look at Fox — we have our great ones, Sean and, you know, a number of them, but Fox is a whole different ball game. And, you know, Paul Ryan is on the board of Fox. I’m sure that has something to do with it, but Fox is a whole different ball game. Somebody said to me, what’s the biggest difference? I said the biggest difference is Fox is no longer the same. Big difference,” President Trump concluded.

All of the so-called “mainstream” media is committed to defeating Donald Trump.

Fox News Channel was the one outlet that tried to present a fair and balanced presentation of the day’s news and give President Trump a fair shake.

But with Chris Wallace’s outrageously biased performance as debate moderator, President Trump is starting to wonder if Fox News is turning against him.

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