Sanctuary cities act like they are above the law.

These rogue jurisdictions shield illegal aliens by refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.

But the Trump administration just sent them a message that could lead to them being put out of business for good.

During the campaign, Trump promised to defund sanctuary cities.

Once in office, he signed an executive order instructing the Department of Homeland Security to explore ways they could cut off funding to cities which defy the immigration laws.

Now the administration is putting teeth behind the order.

The Department of Justice fired off a warning to nine sanctuary cities informing them they had until June 30th to certify they are conforming with federal immigration laws or risk losing access to taxpayer money.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

“The Justice Department on Friday fired an opening shot in the Trump administration’s crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities, sending letters to nine jurisdictions asking for proof that they are cooperating with immigration enforcement, and indicating they are at risk of losing federal grants.

The letters went to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, as well as officials in Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, New York and Cook County, Ill.

All have laws or policies that restrict the ability of police and jails to hand over people who are in the country illegally to federal immigration officers.”

This is not a radical request.

All the Trump administration is doing is insisting these nine cities comply with a 1996 law that was passed under former President Bill Clinton.

RedState reports:

“This is not a new problem, in fact, the underlying authority used by Justice for these warning letters is a Clinton-era federal law:

Recipients of the letters were warned that to receive certain fiscal year 2016 grants, they must certify by June 30 that they have complied with a 1996 federal law that bars local authorities from forcing officials to withhold information from federal immigration authorities about people’s immigration status.”

New York City Mayor – and radical open-borders supporter – Bill de Blasio reacted angrily to the Trump administration’s demands to enforce federal immigration laws.

NBC New York reports:

“De Blasio demanded that Trump and Sessions either renounce the statement or stand behind it.

“I would say to President Trump and to Attorney General Sessions, if you believe this statement is accurate, come here to New York City, look our police officers in the eye and tell them you believe they are soft on crime. See how that feels,” the mayor said.”

But the Department of Justice fired back stating that New York City’s sanctuary city policies were soft on crime and allowed illegal alien gang members to roam freely in their city.

NBC New York also reports:

“The Justice Department responded Friday night, saying “it is New York City’s policies that are soft on crime.” 

The department said the de Blasio administration is responsible for policies that led to “a dangerous MS-13 gang member walking out of Rikers Island in February” and that “endanger the lives of the hard working men and women of the NYPD.”