trump-1For months, Donald Trump has been predicting Hillary Clinton may not even be the Democratic nominee for president because of the scandal surrounding her secret email server.

And now with the FBI closing in on a possible criminal indictment, that forecast is looking more and more likely.

But would the Democrat Party want to go into the general election with self-identified Socialist Bernie Sanders as their candidate?

The Republican front-runner doesn’t think so.

Politico reports one answer Trump gave in an Iowa radio interview:

“If she’s indicted … therefore she wouldn’t be able to run essentially,” Trump said in a radio interview with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway after reports emerged that her server contained information classified above the top-secret level. “Maybe Biden, it could be a couple of other people that you and I both know,” he mused.

For months, the longest guessing game in politics was the “will he or won’t he” speculation surrounding Vice President Biden jumping in the Democrat primary.

In October,  he ruled out a campaign.

But a criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton would scramble that calculus.

Joe Biden is the only Democrat with the name recognition and fundraising network to jump start a campaign on a moment’s notice.

And despite the enthusiasm generated by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders among the radical activists of the Democrat base, his campaign platform of $18 trillion in new spending and tax increases for all Americans would render him completely unelectable.

But the bigger issue is the continued drag of Hillary’s scandals on the Democrats’ presidential prospects.

She was expected to waltz to the nomination and have a ready-and-willing media pound the Republicans in a general election.

But with criminal charges looming on the horizon, she is now the most vulnerable front-runner in American political history.

Recent public polling shows her lead in the Iowa Caucuses evaporating and she trails Bernie Sanders by almost 20 points in New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary.

Her campaign is in such shambles that American Patriot Daily previously reported on polls showing Hillary trailing Donald Trump in the blue state of Minnesota…

and that twenty percent of Democrats are ready to cross over and vote for Trump in a general election head-to-head match up .

Hillary is now facing a two- pronged crisis.

And one is feeding the other.

As the scandal surrounding her secret email server and handling of classified information intensifies, her political prospects increasingly dim.

And Hillary’s tried-and-true Clinton tactics of smearing your accuser or trying to lie your way out of jail are completely failing.

So it’s pushing the Democrats into uncharted waters.

Never before in American politics has a criminal on the verge of indictment been a major party nominee for president.

Hillary has always claimed her campaign was about breaking barriers.

But instead of cracking the glass ceiling, Democrats may be cracking the “break in case of  emergency” glass to drop Joe Biden into the race.