Donald Trump dropped his latest bombshell about Hillary Clinton during an interview on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor.

He was discussing the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server…

…but what he said had everyone turning heads.

Trump predicted that the Obama regime would protect Hillary Clinton and refuse to indict her.

Could the Obama regime sweep charges against Hillary under the rug — and deny the American people an honest account of her conduct as Secretary of State — in order to help her win the presidential election?

Many observers say yes.

In fact, American Patriot Daily has previously reported on accusations the Obama regime will stonewall charges against Hillary.

Delaying charges against Clinton would be one way to tip the scales in her favor.

And it would also act as “payback” for Bill Clinton’s extensive campaigning for Obama in 2012.

Many pundits credited Bill Clinton with giving the best speech of either nominating convention that election cycle.

And Hillary helped Obama cover up the cause of the Benghazi attacks by falsely claiming they were the result of a YouTube video.

Without Obama winning re-election, Hillary would have started the campaign as the successor to a failed president running against a Republican incumbent.

That would not have been a solid launching pad for her presidential bid.

So she and her husband went all-out to get President Obama elected to a second term.

But will Obama return the favor by not indicting her?

The last seven-and-a-half years have proven that the rule of law is merely a suggestion that Barack Obama does not feel constrained by.

He unilaterally imposed amnesty through illegal executive fiat.

He delayed addressing the political costs of ObamaCare before the 2014 midterms to try and save Democratic seats in Congress.

And since he is leaving office in January and has no political repercussions to consider, stonewalling criminal charges against Hillary in order to win her the election is an easy choice for Obama to make.

There is no threat of impeachment.

No upcoming election where he would have to face the voters.

And once Hillary wins, it would be easy to kill off the investigation by having her own people in the Department of Justice and FBI quietly whitewash the proceedings.