Donald Trump has a theory as to why Hillary Clinton used the phrase “radical jihadism” as opposed to “radical Islamic terrorism” after the terrorist attack in Orlando.

He believes she is more interested in saving her own tail than defeating the threat of Islamic terrorism.

And it all goes back to her email scandal.

Even if the FBI recommends Hillary should face criminal charges, it is up to Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to decide if the criminal case moves forward.

Trump believes the reason Clinton has campaigned so hard to fulfill Obama’s third term is to avoid jail time.

Politico reports:

Hillary Clinton uses the term “radical jihadism” rather than “radical Islamic terrorism” because she is “probably afraid” of President Barack Obama, Donald Trump said Monday.

 “He’s the boss, OK? And she’s probably afraid of him because, obviously, you know, she probably thinks that he has a profound effect over her life,” Trump said during a telephone interview on CNN’s “New Day” a day after the terrorist attack at an Orlando, Florida, gay nightclub killed 49 and injured at least 53

Alluding to the ongoing FBI investigation into the private server Clinton used for official business at the State Department, Trump remarked that Clinton’s decision to call it by that name as a calculated move.

 “He’s protecting her from going to jail, so she’s not going to use it,” Trump said. “But I bet you that … she would love to use to those words, because almost everybody agrees that those words should be used.”

 And Hillary has good reason to butter up to the Obama administration.

The legal jeopardy surrounding her email scandal is increasing.

The FBI admitted they are holding evidence for a criminal investigation.

And a State Department Inspector General’s report found she lied about claiming everything she did was permitted and that her server was never hacked.

If Hillary’s email server was indeed hacked, she could be facing a ten-year prison sentence.

But Obama needs a Democrat successor.

Trump has pledged to undo the Obama agenda.

He supports repealing ObamaCare and tearing up Obama’s agreement with Paris to fight so-called “Global Warming”.

Trump will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will likely strike down some of the major Obama initiatives that have worked their way through the court system such as illegal executive amnesty.

A Trump win would also mean Democrat priorities like amnesty and gun control would be dead in the water.

So squashing an FBI recommendation for criminal charges against Hillary is the biggest assist Obama can offer to her presidential campaign.

But it also benefits Obama.

Her victory would allow Obama’s policies to remain in place.

With so much at stake in this election, Hillary and Obama have a mutually beneficial relationship.

She will campaign for Obama’s agenda – and he will keep her out of jail.