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Donald Trump and his supporters are furious with Fox News.

Over the last month of the campaign Fox News began to shift their coverage to a pro-Joe Biden slant.

And now Donald Trump is about to make one move that could bankrupt Fox News.

President Trump and his allies and supporters are at war with Fox News.

Trump supporters feel that Fox News caved in to their liberal media critics and began biasing their coverage in favor of Joe Biden.

And now the President has a plan to get revenge on Fox which involves starting a streaming service competitor should his legal challenges fail and Joe Biden wins the Presidency.

“President Trump has told friends he wants to start a digital media company to clobber Fox News and undermine the conservative-friendly network,” Axios exclusively reported.

President Trump has victory on his mind to get back at Fox News for going in the tank for Joe Biden.

“He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,” a source told Axios.

Axios reported that President Trump is considering starting up a subscription service competitor to Fox:

Instead, Trump is considering a digital media channel that would stream online, which would be cheaper and quicker to start.

Trump’s digital offering would likely charge a monthly fee to MAGA fans. Many are Fox News viewers, and he’d aim to replace the network — and the $5.99-a-month Fox Nation streaming service, which has an 85% conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers — as their top destination.

Fox executives put on a brave front and claimed the network was not afraid of competition.

“We love competition. We have always thrived with competition. … Fox News has been the number one network, including broadcast networks, … from Labor Day through to Election Day,” Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said on a conference call.

President Trump made it clear on social media that he is not happy with Fox News, blasting the network for its declining ratings after some network hosts and executives betrayed the President.

“@FoxNews daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!” the President wrote on social media.

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The first sign something at Fox was up was the first debate when “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace acted like Joe Biden’s tag team partner.

President Trump’s frustrations grew as Fox would carry Joe Biden’s speeches lives but wouldn’t afford the President the same courtesy.

And the lowest point of Fox News Channel’s pro-Biden coverage came on election night when Fox prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden with just 73 percent of the vote in and incorrectly projected that the Democrats would gain seats in the House of Representatives.

President Trump feels that Fox News betrayed him and their audience which thought they were getting “fair and balanced” news coverage only to see Fox cover Trump in the same unfair manner that fake news CNN does.

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