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Joe Biden and the Democrats just got some really bad news.

They did not expect the numbers they were seeing out of the most pivotal state on the Electoral College map.

And Donald Trump found out the surprising reason he will win one key swing state.

Ever since the 2000 election, Florida has been a bellwether swing state.

Whoever wins Florida wins the election.

Polls in Florida are all over the map.

Some show Joe Biden winning.

Some show a tie race.

And a few others show Donald Trump in the lead.

But in 2016 the polls were wrong.

What cannot be disputed are the actual numbers of registered voters and the trend lines of which party is gaining ground.

In an interview with Mark Levin, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis noted that Republicans cut the Democrats’ registration advantage by nearly 200,000 votes since Donald Trump carried Florida in 2016.

“When Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, there were about 350,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state of Florida. Now, it’s less than a 180,000 differential, and we think … it may be closer to 150,000. So, whatever it is in that range, it will be the closest Republicans have ever been to Democrats in Florida in the history of the state. And I think that’s a testament to folks looking to Florida as a place to find greener pastures,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis argued that transplants from other states fed up with the Democrat agenda of high taxes and socialism were relocating to Florida and growing the Republican Party and that bode well for the President’s prospects to carry Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes.

“We see people who are fed up with high taxes in Illinois or the northeast, and they come down. I do think many are registering as Republicans because I think they understand that we’ve had laboratories of democracy in this country with the state doing different approaches and approaches like Florida has been more successful. So, I think the president is facing an electorate more inclined to vote for him in 2020 than the one that he successfully convinced to vote for him in 2016,” DeSantis added.

The trends in Florida are unmistakable.

In 2008 Democrats held a 694,147 edge on Republicans in terms of registered voters and Barack Obama carried the state by 236,148 votes.

By 2012, Republicans cut the Democrats’ lead in registered voters to 558,272 and Obama narrowly defeated Mitt Romney by 74,309 votes.

But in 2016, Republicans cut the Democrats’ advantage to 330,428 registered voters and Donald Trump carried the state by 112,991 votes.

The trends in the state over the last several election cycles have swung in the Republicans’ favor.

Even in 2018 – the worst Republican year in a decade – the GOP ousted an incumbent Democrat senator and retained the governor’s mansion.

Republicans further slicing the Democrats’ registered voter advantage to just 136,294 points to the President’s prospects to win Florida brightening.

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