Donald Trump

Democrats are playing for keeps.

From Nancy Pelosi on down, Democrats are waging war on every front ahead of the next election.

But Donald Trump exposed a smoking gun that will destroy the Democrats in 2020.

The Democrats are trying hard to slowly take American freedoms. They think that government control is what’s necessary to build a perfect society.

Government-controlled societies killed billions of people in the twentieth century. Stalin killed just as many people as Hitler and communism is becoming quite popular again in the Democratic Party.

In contrast mass shooters killed 547 victims from 1983-2013 in America.

The question with gun rights is not if they are safe, the question is whether that government will keep you safe if they are taken away.

Hitler turned Germany from a progressive, western nation to a fascist, murderous regime in less than a decade.

Now a Democratic governor who posed in blackface next to a Ku Klux Klan costume for his medical school yearbook photo and said that there should be a conversation about post-birth abortion wants to pass some of the most radical gun laws in the country.

While he thought he could do it quietly, Donald Trump made sure that the whole world knew what was happening when he posted about the situation on Twitter.

According to the Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to raise awareness about the extreme anti-freedom proposals that Virginia Democrats are pushing in their state, which have included the possibility of gun confiscation.

“Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” Trump tweeted. “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

Trump’s tweet comes as an uprising to the Democrats’ anti-Second Amendment agenda has swelled across the state as the majority of cities, towns, and counties have declared themselves to be sanctuaries from the proposed unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment.

“The grassroots resistance to Virginia Democrats’ extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda has exploded as nearly 90% of the counties in the state have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities in response to the Democrats’ anti-freedom agenda,” The Daily Wire reported in November. “More than 100 cities, towns, and counties have passed resolutions in preparation for Democrats taking over the state who had indicated a desire to confiscate semi-automatic firearms from law-abiding citizens.”

Tens of thousands of people gathered to peacefully protest the gun laws that would disarm the population.

The Governor called for a state of emergency to try and disarm the people on the State Capitol’s grounds.

Most protesters chose to stay within the perimeter where they could keep their weapons but yet the day passed without the sort of violent escapades that marked Trump’s inauguration.

The pro-gun protesters even made sure that they cleaned up the trash after themselves.

Do you think that states taking away gun rights could be dangerous to the future of America?

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