hillary-tiredThanks, Obama.

For the first time since 2008, Republican states now outnumber Democrat states.

Gallup’s polling analysis of party affiliation shows there are now more Republican and Republican-leaning states than Democrat and Democrat-leaning states.

In 2008, Gallup’s analysis of party affiliation showed 35 Democrat or Democrat-leaning states, compared to just three Republican or Republican-leaning states.

But when Gallup measured party affiliation this year, they found 20 red states, while states with a Democrat lean shrunk to just 14.

From Gallup’s analysis:

In 2008, Democrats enjoyed a better than 10-point advantage in party affiliation nationwide, as President George W. Bush suffered through low job approval ratings as a result of the recession and the ongoing war in Iraq.  That year, Gallup classified a total of 35 states as solidly Democratic or Democratic-leaning, compared with only five solidly or leaning Republican states.

In the last several years, excluding 2012 when President Barack Obama won re-election, there has been a roughly equal number of Democratic and Republican states.  But that changed last year, when many more states’ political leanings moved in a Republican, rather than a Democratic direction, giving Republicans a lead in more states than Democrats.

In all, 13 states’ political classifications changed between 2014 and 2015, with 11 of these shifting in a more Republican direction.  The Democrats lost three states — Maine, Pennsylvania and Michigan — each of which moved from Democratic-leaning to competitive.  Meanwhile, Republicans gained five states — New Hampshire, West Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas — all moving from competitive to leaning or solidly Republican.  Additionally, Alaska and Oklahoma shifted from leaning Republican to being solidly Republican, and Delaware from being solidly Democratic to leaning Democratic.

Nebraska and New Mexico are the two states that moved in a more Democratic direction, though Nebraska remains in the Republican column, shifting from solidly Republican to leaning Republican.  New Mexico moved from a leaning Democratic state to a solid one.

There is no question the Obama years have been an overall disaster for Democrats.

Republicans possess their largest Congressional majorities since the 1920’s.

The GOP has control of 55% of state Senate seats and 56% of state House seats nationwide.

30 GOP governors have also been elected to lead their states.

The overall decimation of the Democrat party at the state and Congressional levels does not bode well for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Much is made of the famed “blue wall” of solid Democrat states that reside mainly on both coasts and provides 242 of the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to win.

But thanks to Obama’s weak and feckless foreign policy which allows ISIS to murder at will, the job-killing ObamaCare, a $19 trillion national debt and support for a radically liberal social agenda, Democrats are at their lowest ebb in years.

When Obama ran for re-election, Gallup found blue states outnumbered red states by a 19 to 12 margin.

Now, Gallup finds that number has been completely reversed with red states holding a 20 to 14 edge.

Hillary Clinton, who is already limping into the campaign badly damaged by her private email scandal — or whomever the Democrat Party nominee will be should she be indicted — will face an inhospitable political terrain.

Obama’s presidency has been about the destruction of American institutions to complete a fundamental transformation of America.

But fortunately for Americans who value the foundations our country was built upon, one of the institutions Obama destroyed was the Democrat Party.

And a surge in red states as a reaction to the Marxist-in-Chief could doom Hillary Clinton’s — or any other Democrats’ — chances for winning the presidency in 2016.