The gloves are off in this bare-knuckle showdown.

Two top-tier Fox News allies are quickly becoming bitter enemies.

Megyn Kelly who hosts “The Kelly File” 9pm EST and Sean Hannity of “Hannity” 10pm EST have been exchanging barbs over the last week.

The public display of rancor began when Kelly pointed out on her nightly show that Donald Trump restricts his public appearances to broadcasters and journalists who favor him.

Kelly said on “The Kelly File”:

“With all due respect to my friend at 10 o’clock, he will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days.”

One might argue that it’s possible Megyn Kelly is perhaps a little jealous that Hannity is hogging the Donald Trump spotlight.

After all, Donald Trump brought up Hannity during the presidential debate several times.

But that wasn’t Hannity’s take on the situation. Following Kelly’s comment, Hannity accused Kelly of betraying the Republican Party and supporting Hillary Clinton, when he declared in a late night tweet, “Clearly you support her.”

You might agree with Hannity’s assertion until you realize that Kelly prefaced her Donald Trump’s “unsafe spaces” comment with this:

“They’re both in their own version of a presidential protection program. [Hillary] is not in a place where she feels uncomfortable or anything unexpected could come at her, which is why she sat for a half an hour with Mary J. Blige, the singer, which is why she did Entertainment Tonight this evening.”

Kelly didn’t exactly indict one presidential candidate without the other. Kelly believes both candidates are being coddled.

However, let’s rewind the clocks to better understand this beef and how it may have accumulated to this point between Kelly and Hannity.

There’s a feud between Kelly and Trump that began in August of 2015 when Kelly moderated the first Republican debate and the two had a contentious back-and-forth.

Trump criticized her publicly on Twitter.

Kelly responded to his tweets, “He was obviously upset. That’s fine; he’s running for president, it’s not a fun business, there’s gonna be ups and downs and I know he considered that a down. So we just wanted to forge forward and try to put it behind us, not pour any more fuel on that fire.”

Trump and Kelly’s “rivalry” continued until May of 2016 when Donald Trump agreed to an extensive interview with Megyn Kelly, which was hyped up as surely being must-see-TV.

Kelly was criticized by many for lobbing softball questions at Donald Trump in an effort to clear the air.

Was that interview an unsafe space too? To be fair, Donald Trump was only the presumptive Republican nominee.

Clearly, Hannity has become one of Trump’s biggest allies and supporters as is evidence from the presidential debate. Trump trusts Hannity and his advice.

Maybe Kelly is jealous by their friendship and camaraderie. Maybe she’s not getting enough attention.

Following the presidential debate, Megyn Kelly seemed to take a jab at Hannity—possibly unknowingly, like it was a Freudian slip—when the camera was on Trump and Hannity as they spoke privately between each other in a room full of the media.

Kelly commented on their private conversation, “We’ve got Trump speaking to our Sean Hannity. We’ll see whether [Trump] speaks to the journalists in this room after that [conversation].”

So does Megyn Kelly support Hillary Clinton?

Likely not. Kelly defends Trump’s policies and criticizes Hillary’s frequently on her show.

Do you think Megyn Kelly supports Hillary Clinton?