As Donald Trump continues to run neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton, violent left-wing radicals increase their physical attacks on his supporters.

The media would like to pretend Donald Trump’s rhetoric is inciting Republicans to violence.

But the chilling video from a Trump rally in San Jose puts the left’s thuggish behavior on full display.

One Trump supporter was stalked by a gang of Mexican flag waving goons and then sucker- punched.

Another woman was cornered by foul-mouthed, masked anti-Trump demonstrators and was pelted with eggs.

And more video emerged of Bernie Sanders supporters throwing kicks and punches in an effort to disrupt the proceedings.

And of course, protestors burned the American flag.

Will these disruptions actually hurt Trump?

When “Black Lives Matter” thugs stormed a rally in Chicago before the Illinois primary and incited a violent riot, many pundits felt the televised chaos helped Trump win four crucial primaries.

The left has long encouraged violence among their supporters. In 2012, Obama urged his voters to “take revenge” by voting for him. And this cycle has seen left-wing politicians and commentators routinely compare Trump to Hitler.

So violence seems to be the end result of the left’s rhetoric against Republicans.

For all the talk of Trump’s “tone,” he has been the victim of the harshest attacks and most violent mobs.

It’s his supporters who have to enter rallies under the cover of police protection.

It’s Trump who is called vile names and is cursed by opponents.

And now as Trump campaigns across California, violent mobs have been in hot pursuit destroying property, attacking supporters and burning American flags, all while demonstrating in favor of Mexico.

Could the video of violent pro-Mexican radicals help Trump in a general election matchup?

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