The Republican establishment’s last hope to stop Donald Trump is a contested convention.

By forcing a second ballot, party elites hope to steal the nomination from Trump and nominate a white-knight candidate.

But New York’s primary results may have just blown that hope out of the water.

Coming after a disastrous loss in the Wisconsin primary and watching Ted Cruz run circles around him in the delegate fight, Donald Trump needed a resounding victory in New York.

And the billionaire populist’s home state delivered a massive 60% – 25% win.

Going into the contest, critics attacked Trump for not yet winning a majority of the vote in any state.

While the field was large and divided, Trump’s highest percentage of the vote was 49%.

But by winning 60% of the vote in New York, Trump has destroyed that narrative, and most important for the nomination fight, swept at least 88 of the 95 delegates in the Empire State.

Most experts predicted Trump to win between 71 and 80 delegates in the New York primary.

A haul in that range puts Trump in the range of 1100-1140 delegates.

While that delegate total may have been enough for Trump to win the nomination with unbound delegates, Trump’s haul in New York creates a plausible path to locking up the nomination before he gets to the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz rode into the New York primary on a five-state winning streak and was building momentum as the alternative to Donald Trump.  But he received no delegates in New York.

That total means he is mathematically eliminated from winning 1,237 delegates before the second ballot of the GOP convention.

The next Republican primaries take place in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island where 172 delegates are up for grabs.

Trump holds massive polling leads in Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

While no polling exists in Delaware and Rhode Island, their demographic make-up and their proximity to New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts — where Trump has rolled up his largest victories or holds large leads in the polls — makes it extremely likely Trump will win those states handily.

Winning all five of those states, and with a large share of the 172 New York delegates, would give Trump momentum heading into what is seen as a crucial primary in Indiana on May 3rd where no polling exists.

The results in New York put distance between the mogul and his rivals that is impossible to make up before the convention.

And by beating delegate expectations in the Empire State, Trump created a viable path to 1,237 delegates on the first ballot of the GOP convention.

The lopsided victory will allow Trump to roll into the next five primaries with a full head of steam where he will likely earn large victories.

Will it be enough to force his rivals out of the race?

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