Murderers, rapists and child molesters could be the ones handing Hillary Clinton the election.

Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe – a long time Clinton crony – just issued an executive order giving voting rights to over 200,000 felons.

Critics were outraged by the partisan power play, but also pointed out Governor McAuliffe exceeded executive authority in issuing the order.

A Democrat issuing and illegal executive orders is nothing new.

It’s a page ripped straight out of the Obama playbook.

Politico reports on McAuliffe’s order:

During his announcement, McAuliffe noted that he had already helped restore voting rights to 18,000 Virginians since taking office in 2014. But in a historic shift from more than 150 years of state law, McAuliffe said that more than 200,000 felons, convicted of both violent and non-violent crimes and having completed their sentences, will be restored their voting rights.

 “With this action, we will send a message to these 206,000 individuals and to the world that Virginia will no longer build barriers to the ballot box, we will break them down,” he said, adding that the state would send a “strong message that Virginia is a place where people make mistakes, they serve their time [and] are welcomed back as full members of our society, not second-class citizens who have to jump through all these hoops.”

 Republicans in Virginia are already lining up to challenge the Governor, and the move could prompt legal action.

State Senator, Mark Obenshain pointed out that when former Democrat Governor, Tim Kaine plotted a similar move, his lawyer declared such an action as illegal without an amendment to the state constitution.

McAuliffe’s actions are illegal because Virginia’s constitution provides for clemency, and on a case-by-case basis.

In a letter to the ACLU, Kent Willis, counsel to then Governor Kaine, pointed out that a blanket restoration of voting rights would be a “complete rewrite of the law.”

Willis also questioned if the information was even available on whether a felon is eligible for restoration of their voting rights upon completing their sentence.

Figuring out if all fines and penalties have been paid would place a burden on localities since there is no centralized database with that information.

But Democrats in the Obama years have proved that winning is justified by whatever means necessary.

Following the law and ensuring we have an orderly society not governed on the whims of executive tyrants runs a distant second to maintaining their grip on power.

So even if a herd of rapists and murderers add just 1% to Hillary’s vote total in Virginia, it will have all been worth it, so long as it’s the difference between adding the state’s electoral votes to her column.

Of course, no consideration was giving to the victims of these felons.

Virginia could very well see rapists and other sexual predators voting for Hillary, which is ironic, since the Democrat party accuses Republicans for creating the “war on women”.