Democrats wasted no time seizing on the Orlando terrorist attack to push their agenda of gutting the Second Amendment.

Rather than address the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, Obama and his allies blamed the shooting on gun laws.

But it is the conduct of Congressional Republicans that has American gun owners concerned.

Democrats revived their push to pass legislation of a national firearms registry and strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process of the law.

The strategy included a 15 hour filibuster led by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT).

His filibuster ended when Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, folded and allowed votes on measures that restrict gun rights.

CNN reports:

“Senate Democrats have ended a 14-plus hour filibuster calling for gun control reform, after Sen. Chris Murphy said he won promises for votes on two measures.

“It is our understanding … that we have been given a commitment on a path forward to get votes on the floor of the Senate — on a measure to assure that those on the terrorist watch list do not get guns and an amendment … to expand background checks to gun shows and to internet sales,” he said in a statement.”

Conservatives were outraged.

Dudley Brown, President of the National Association of Gun Rights – the organization which led the fight that stopped Obama’s national gun registration scheme in 2013 – sent out an action-alert email to his supporters.

The message read:

“Instead, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just announced he’s opening the door to allow the gun-grabbers to RAM through a dangerous new proposal to let the Federal bureaucrats label YOU a “terrorist” and strip your gun rights away.

To do that, Sen. McConnell says he’s bringing in reinforcements to sell gun control schemes to his fellow Republicans – including Jeh Johnson – Obama’s rabidly anti-gun Director of Homeland Security.

The very same Director of Homeland Security who just today DEMANDED more gun control, calling it “critical to public safety.”

Republicans who are caving into the Democrats demands on gun control is adding to the increasing discontent within their party base.

The growing divide between the establishment and the conservative grassroots is what has helped pave the way for Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign in the Republican primary.

However, the divide was still caused largely in part by the establishment’s support for amnesty, global trade deals, and foreign wars.

While Republican leadership and their base have mostly remained on the same page when defending the Second Amendment, that unity has now been shattered.

Republicans are panicking in the face of an unending media onslaught demanding new gun laws.

And top Senate Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell and Pat Toomey (R-PA), are searching for ways to appease liberals in a year where Republicans must defend 24 Senate seats in order to keep their majority.

While McConnell and other establishment Republicans believe voting on – and maybe passing – some gun control laws would help attract so-called “swing voters”, many critics contend that selling out the party’s core principles on gun rights would reduce the conservative vote.

And if the conservative base abandons the party because establishment Republicans betrayed their values, the Democrats will likely carry enough wins to take power in Congress.