Explosive new reports detail the manner in which the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and political correctness facilitated Omar Mir Seddique Mateen’s ability to commit the horrific terror attack in Orlando.

Shortly after the shooting, it was revealed that Mateen had been interviewed numerous times by the FBI, but the agency dropped the matter.

Now reports are surfacing about an investigation into Mateen’s mosque which was shut down by the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department.

World Net Daily reports:

“When Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik massacred 14 people in San Bernardino, California, last December, newly retired Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney discovered that a case he developed might have prevented the attack if it had not been shut down by his agency and Hillary Clinton’s State Department…

… As a member of one of the National Targeting Center’s advanced units, Haney helped develop a case in 2011 on a worldwide Islamic movement known as Tablighi Jamaat, as he recounts in his new book “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.” Within a few months, the case drew the “concern” of the State Department and the DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office because the Obama administration believed it unfairly singled out Muslims. The intelligence, however, had been used to connect members of the movement to several terrorist organizations and financing at the highest levels, including for Hamas and al-Qaida.

In the immediate aftermath of the Orlando massacre, Haney has found that the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, Florida, is part of a network in the United States that originated in the Indian subcontinent…

Along with the State Department’s and Department of Homeland Security’s quashing of the case in June 2012, the administration subsequently ordered the deletion of an additional 67 records related to a report on the Institute of Islamic Education.”

It appears agencies under Barack Obama, including one led by Hillary Clinton, allowed political correctness to come before national security.

But the government wasn’t the only place political correctness reared its ugly head.

Several of Mateen’s co-workers reported that he had made racist remarks as well as declared his intentions to kill people, yet he was never fired – because he was Muslim.

Florida Today reports on a former co-worker’s experience dealing with Mateen:

“Gilroy, a former Fort Pierce police officer, said Mateen frequently made homophobic and racial comments. Gilroy said he complained to his employer several times but it did nothing because he was Muslim. Gilroy quit after he said Mateen began stalking him via multiple text messages — 20 or 30 a day. He also sent Gilroy 13 to 15 phone messages a day, he said.

“I quit because everything he said was toxic,” Gilroy said Sunday, “and the company wouldn’t do anything. This guy was unhinged and unstable. He talked of killing people.”

Gilroy said this shooting didn’t come as a surprise to him.”

Why weren’t the dots connected in this case?

Mateen’s mosque had remained under investigation until Hillary’s State Department and Obama’s Department of Homeland Security ordered an end to the inquiry.

Mateen was interviewed several times by the FBI, but the Bureau allowed him to go free.

Mateen’s own co-workers filed reports saying that he talked about committing mass murder – and still – nothing was done.

In all three of these cases, the common denominator appears to be political correctness.