Heading into the second Presidential debate, Donald Trump needed to steady his campaign.

Facing unprecedented sabotage by establishment Republicans, as well as an overwhelmingly biased and hostile press, Trump needed to turn out a command performance.

And the verdict on Trump’s performance was surprising.

Observers in both the press and political class scored the night as a win for the Republican nominee.

On Moring Joe, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski praised Trump’s performance.

Mediaite reports:

“I think there are a couple of things people in the press may not want to admit, but it was Donald Trump’s most effective debate performance to date,” offered Joe Scarborough, who noted that we’ve never seen Trump respond so strongly with his back against the wall.

Moments from Sunday night’s event in St. Louis showed Trump attacking everything from the personal lives of the Clintons to the objectivity of the two debate moderators, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz from ABC.

Scarborough said that Hillary Clinton “had a unprecedented cheering section in the media,” and “she was on the defensive for most of the night.”

“I’m just give you the political reality,” he said, despite that fact that it may be inconvenient in light of his shocking leaked tape. “And this is the political reality: for the Republican base, Donald Trump delivered the attack against the Clinton machine that the republican base in middle america have been waiting for for years now.”

“My god, it was epic. It was vintage Trump,” said Mika Brzezinski.”

And on Fox News, Fran Luntz gathered a focus group of undecided voters. Trump’s attacks on Hillary’s scandals scored with the group, and they declared Trump the victor of the debate.

Trump began the debate by apologizing for the leaked video from 2005 where he was caught in a hot mic making lewd comments.

But he quickly pivoted and mentioned that four of the women who were assaulted and harassed by Bill Clinton were in attendance at the debate.

He also stated that Bill’s serial abuse of women – and the attacks Hillary has made against their character – was a greater issue than his words.

Trump clearly had Clinton on the defense as he continually pressed the issue about her many scandals, as well as her 30-year track record of failure deems her unfit to be President.

Will this debate herald a rebound in the polls for the GOP nominee?

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