Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the final Presidential debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The contest was moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and largely focused on campaign issues.

And because Hillary Clinton was forced to defend her extremist record, Trump scored a victory.

Coming into the contest, Trump trailed Hillary Clinton in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

And he needed a strong debate performance if he wanted to change the trajectory of the race.

Unlike past moderators, Wallace kept the focus on the issues.

Previous moderators – who acted like Clinton campaign surrogates – would ask questions about the circus aspect of the race to benefit Hillary Clinton.

But the first question of the night was about the Supreme Court, and Trump forcefully defended his desire to appoint pro-life and pro-Second Amendment judges.

He also ripped Hillary for her support of partial birth abortion, and accurately stated that she was in favor of ripping babies out of the womb during the ninth month of a woman’s pregnancy.

Trump ripped the immorality of Clinton’s positions, and also rightly stated that she essentially supports infanticide.

Clinton was also forced to defend her extremist position on guns and her support for a national gun registration scheme, as well as stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process of law.

On immigration, Trump hit Clinton over her stated support for open borders.

Clinton tried to deny the charge, but Trump fired back with the statement she had made to Brazilian bankers where she declared her support for a common market and open borders.

Pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group of undecided voters during the debate and they scored the immigration exchange as a ‘win’ for Trump.

Luntz’s focus group also found Trump’s strong stances against globalist trade deals scored well with the undecided voters as well.

Voters also responded when Trump ripped into the incompetent foreign policy decisions made by Obama, such as the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, the decision to hastily retreat from Iraq, and the failed policy of arming so-called “Syrian rebels”.

Finally, Luntz asked his focus group who won the debate.

The majority said Trump.

There was some immediate evidence his performance could generate some polling momentum.

YouGov conducted a post debate poll, and found independents and voters who favored third party candidates picked Trump over Clinton for President by a 22 point margin 61% to 39%.

Will Trump’s strong performance be enough to change the momentum and put him on a path to victory?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.