Bill Clinton’s women problems go back for decades.

His former mistress, Gennifer Flowers, had released recorded audio from conversations with then Governor Bill Clinton.

And on the recording, the question arose as to whether or not Clinton had an affair with a beauty queen.

The conversation – which was recorded in 1990 – reveals Clinton discussing his sexual escapades and their ramifications.

At the time, Clinton was being sued by a former state employee who alleged he had diverted state funds to pursue romantic relationships with five women.

Included on that list was Lencola Sullivan – an African American woman who was the former Miss Arkansas.

Breitbart reports on the conversation after the recording was turned over to the site by Flowers:

“BC: I mean the guys that sort of (inaudible) the whole thing was just sort of weird, you know, who they picked and why. And I couldn’t… I mean, I literally have no, and I haven’t even… I mean, I’ve talked to Elizabeth Ward, who got on that list, maybe three times in my whole life.

GF: Wow!

BC: I don’t have any idea how she made the grade.

GF: Huh.

BC: At least Lencola Sullivan is a friend of mine even though that I don’t, haven’t ever slept with her. She does come to see me when she’s in town, so I can see why, you know (inaudible) she’s darkened my door.

GF: Well, who knows. You know… You can’t, you can’t reason. They were just, you know… they picked people that are reasonably high-profile, too, if you’ll noticed. Names that people would probably recognize …which was pretty smart.”

While Clinton denied sleeping with Sullivan, he used a racially charged phrase, “she darkened my door”, to describe the African American former beauty queen.

Breitbart notes:

 “that while some of this information was known in the past – a former state trooper who was on Clinton’s detail testified he had heard a rumor Clinton carried on an affair with Sullivan – the conversations were not properly vetted by the news media.”

At the time Flowers made the tapes public, the mainstream media had already identified Clinton as their candidate and was actively working to protect him from the charge of being unfaithful to his wife and too morally compromised to be President.

Clinton’s antics have only received greater scrutiny in this campaign because the left, who’s been aided and abetted by a news media intent on rigging the election, has launched a campaign to discredit Donald Trump over gossip and unsubstantiated rumors.

Trump has fought back, highlighting the women who claim Bill Clinton abused them and that Hillary enabled his sexual misconduct.

The airing of these tapes points out the hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign and their allies in the media who attack Donald Trump for his comments, but ignore the comments – and actions – made by Bill Clinton.

With just three weeks to go before the general election, the Clintons and their partisans are in full seek-and-destroy mode on Donald Trump.

But the Clintons’ history and behavior towards women deserves examination as well.

And the tapes Flowers made of conversations with Bill Clinton reveal some of his ugliest conduct yet.